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  1. by   Christina08
    1. Handwashing
    2. Blood Pressure
    3. Feeding the client
    4. Fingernail care
    5. ROM for a knee and ankle.

    I did it in NC.
  2. by   huggiebear1979
    Hi Everyone,

    Just passed my CNA written and Skills in One Try, thank goodness, I currently reside in South Carolina and moving to Oklahoma next week, and I will be able to do the repricocity thing, not sure what things are needed to do that, maybe someone will read this and let me know before Tuesday, leaving Wednesday>>> Also I just wanted to have the experience of starting from the bottom, my eventual goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner plus I want to have a job that is pretty flexible while going for my BSN, Does anybody know how to go about getting a job as a CNA once your certified?? I heard something about a floater pool, but not entirely sure how that works, anyway this is the skills I had, I was soooo nervous

    1) Wash Hands

    2) Take a Radial Pulse, the person playing the client had a 93 bpm, which I thought definitely couldn't be accurate, also in clinicals for the CNA course my radial's weren't accurate/too high whenever the instructor was also doing it, so I was very nervous that I didn't pass this one....

    3) Feed a client-Thought I did okay here, wasn't sure though, teacher had to actually stop because the eating part of this skill was taking too long

    4) Perform ROM for One shoulder-This one I was confident about

    5) Give a Modified Bed Bath, I got all the way done with this skill, and thought I had done great, and teacher lifted bed sheet and I had forgotten to redress the client, and later I realized I had also forgotten to wash face first...

    All in all, it was difficult for me, only because I don't think I studied as well as I should have, along with being nervous. I was also concerned about the written portion, the questions were tricky in my opionion since alot of them could have two possible answers, but I'm super happy it's over with

    oh I felt bad for my partner because he ended up failing the skills, he got

    1) Hand Washing

    2) Give Foot Care on One foot ( He was taught to do in w/c and instructor told him to perfom in bed, so he was halfway through the washing portion, and he forgot to put on gloves first, not really sure about the rest I know he forgot to put on lotion and wipe excess, but I think everything else was fine

    3) Ambulate Patient from bed to w/c, he did this skill great

    4) Donn Gear gown and gloves (I think he did okay here)

    5) Measure Urinary Output I think he did okay, but forgot to rinse out the measuring containing and step 6 but I don't recall what that is at the moment, but it caused him to fail this particular skill.

    Also thanks for any guidance anyone can give me on Repricoity and on finding a floater pool or maybe 20 hours per week in Oklahoma, if it helps I will be in Lawton,
  3. by   Ella26
    I had written exam and skills....
    The skills I had was... bed to wheelchair, use of bed pan, oral temp, and cleans and stores dentures.
  4. by   ShantheRN
    So I was thinking about this - I took my exam in Aug 08 and I can't remember what skills I had LOL That's kinda sad!

    1. hand washing
    2. oral care
    3. hair care
    4. bedpan
    5. hmmmm.....I want to say it was a positioning one, but I really can't remember!

    All I know is that I passed
  5. by   Hazel11
    Hi everyone!
    I took my written and skills tests today and I'm so glad I went through it okay! When I arrived at my testing site, I found out that I could do my skills first, which was a total relief. I'm in Ohio, and here we are given hand-washing and four other randomly picked skills. (Even though my friends from my training class and I got eerily similar skills... :chuckle) My four other skills were mouth care, hair care, partial bed bath (eyes, face, and one arm) and transfer from wheelchair to bed. Good luck to everyone with their tests and be confident in yourself. :heartbeat
  6. by   Brigita
    I'm also in Ohio. The skills I got were: handwashing, denture care, transfer wheelchair to bed, ROM shoulder, and peri care on female. I passed!
  7. by   cvenable
    Good Luck with your exam! I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint, but it was easier than I thought it would be.

    We had 70 questions but 10 were test questions that we were not graded on, you had no idea which ones were for what though.

    The skills I got were handwashing (ofcouse), ROM on shoulder, nailcare, transfer from bed to wheelchair, and weight.

    They had it where you would be paired according to how you finished your test. Anyways, I finished my test and waited going through my booklet again and again until I was close to the last. I had to settle my nerves!

    Let me put it to you this way, the girl that I was partnered with did not have the book to study from. Her license lapsed and she retook the exam 8 years after it lapsed. She was trying to recall everything from her classes. She passed too!
  8. by   doni718
    I took the test today:

    1. Handwashing
    2. Indirect Care
    3. Weight
    4. Ambulation
    5. Peri Care.

    The test giver was on the phone while I was doing Peri Care about an emergency so I hope I passed! I was extremely nervous so take a deep breath, or MANY and you will be OK. I practiced a lot before and was still really nervous because I didn't know the procedure around the room during the test etc. Ask questions about the test procedure before taking it from your instructor!
  9. by   Poi Dog
    1. making an occupied bed
    2. denture care
    3. helping a choke resident
  10. by   Ev1987
    1) Handwashing
    2) Radial pulse vital
    3) Feeding a client
    4) Foot care on one leg
    5) Laying client on one side

    I was a freaking nervous wreck. Literally shaking in front of my partner and evaluator. But when I first saw my list of skills, I'm thinking 'Well this is pretty simple, you better not screw it up.' The hardest part is waiting to take the skills exam, and waiting for the results afterward.
  11. by   Jen{NAR}
    I was super nervous and it took me like 30-45 minutes to do all of the skills needed -_-;;

    -hand washing
    -weight of a resident
    -putting teds on
    -nail care

    before I started the lady told me not to forget to put the residents shoes on when going to weight the resident...what did I do? I forgot to put their shoes on. I still passed first time though...took it about a year and a half ago.
  12. by   Safetymouse
    Handwashing, Partial Bed Bath, Feed the Patient, Measure Urinary Output, Put on PPE From what I remember my partner had: Handwashing, Count Respirations, Knee and Ankle RoM, Female Peri Care, and I can't remember...maybe ambulation or transfer to a wheelchair but I want to say it was something that did not involve me...
  13. by   Paws2people
    I took my NY state board a couple of days ago. Happy to say I passed! My skills were Handwashing, Indirect Care, Pulse, Foot Care, and Side-lying position. Super easy!!!! Good luck to all taking the test!