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  1. Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well and staying as safe as possible during this time. I am writing today because I am struggling morally with what to do. I work for a nursing school and we are being asked to come in the beginning of May to clean the nursing lab (mannequins, linens, etc.) This is being done before they “deep clean” and was also sprung upon us by leadership in time before our contracts expire at the end of the semester. I am struggling because I don’t feel comfortable doing this and my co-workers are on the same page. The Summer semester will be on a virtual basis and I don’t understand what the urgency is. I am scared to say no and am looking at this place in a whole different light because hospitalizations of COVID have increased in our state, no one else has been on campus, and the president advised for the university to say closed. I don’t want to expose myself or my family. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hazel11

    Input on clinical instructor responsibilities

    You can always ask your program director as well. For example, my state does not allow students to do IV pushes because they are operating under an LPN license most of the time so the school just has a policy to not pursue IV pushes at all. There should also be an online policy resource that you can look up on the facility's computer system. Maybe have one of the staff members at the facility show you where it is. Some places won't allow students to hang blood transfusions, but thankfully it can still be a decent learning opportunity for them to observe and you ask them questions (transfusion reactions, how blood types correspond with the blood, religious considerations, etc.). Hope this helps! 🙂
  3. Hazel11

    Any tips on how to become faculty?

    There are lots of schools now that hire remote nursing faculty that are classified as PRN positions and you don't have to relocate. There was a job recently posted on LinkedIn for an ATI nurse educator where you help students with NCLEX review. Hope this helps!
  4. Hazel11

    May give up my dream of being a nurse

    I am a senior nursing student at Ursuline College in Cleveland Ohio. It is a great school and requires a 2.5 to get into the BSN program. As long as you have taken the right classes and meet their requirements, you are admitted.
  5. I'm in my junior year of a BSN program. Here is what my schedule looks like: Monday: Psych nursing lecture 8:30am-11am Tuesday: Psych clinicals 7:30am-2pm Wednesday: Psych clinicals 7:30am-2pm Thursday: BioEthics lecture 10am-12:30pm Friday: Psych lecture 8:30am-11am Culture class 11:30am-2pm We have a different rotation every 7 weeks, and I like it because you can focus on one nursing specialty at a time. I also work Thursdays or Fridays and every Saturday and Sunday as a nursing assistant on the 3pm-11pm shift. I don't have any kids-my schedule can still be busy-but I've been able to manage it okay (so far). Next semester I'll have the second half of my med-surg portion in Chronic nursing, and the last seven weeks are OB.
  6. Hazel11

    Depression & Nursing

    I am a nursing student in my junior year of a BSN program. I was diagnosed with depression when I was 14. I was very young, but my family provided me great support through the hard times. Since then I have been able to manage my condition with antidepressants and a great support system. Nursing school has been going great so far (and I hope it continues that way!) Just remember that you're not alone, and it's okay to ask for help. :redpinkhe
  7. Hazel11

    First time giving meds tomorrow

    I just started passing meds two semesters ago. I usually keep my meds in the packages they come in, just in case the patient refuses or wants to know more info about the meds. (I don't want to mix up which color each drug is.) Always check the patient's name band, even if it is your only patient. Start learning good habits early! :)
  8. Hazel11

    Is anyone here loving nursing school?

    I am loving it, but of course, it isn't perfect. I enjoy taking care of patients and learning how the body works-it just fascinates me. But then again, I don't get to see my friends or fiance as much. I work as well. That's why I try to give myself "me time", otherwise I wouldn't know how to handle my time effectively. I have to keep telling myself that there is a reason why I am doing all this. I'm halfway there!
  9. Hazel11

    first clinicals this week..HELP

    Always ask questions..I can't stress that enough. Like others have stated, the first day is always the craziest. If you run out of things to do, you can always ask your clinical instructor or the nurse you are working with if you can watch certain procedures. Last semester we got to watch a man receive a wound vac. Good luck! :)
  10. Hazel11

    Overwhelmed and Nervous

    I'm a junior in a BSN program now, and at times, I still feel overwhelmed! All of the skills end up coming together..yesterday was my first day back and we had to demonstrate the skills we learned last semester on the school's mannequins. These skills included IV push, IM, giving meds through an NG tube, and a foley catheter insertion. When I first learned these skills, it was awkward and it took me some practicing to figure out my technique and become comfortable with what I was doing. But yesterday, I was able to finish these skills quickly and efficiently-just because I have been practicing so much with the mannequins and my trusty practice syringe and vial. Also, remember that we are all in the process of learning. Ask questions-that's what the instructors are there for. Some days I still doubt myself, but it's good to vent to friends who are going through what you are going through. Good luck in your endeavors! :redpinkhe
  11. Hazel11

    Double Majoring in Biology/Nursing?

    There are people at my school who are double majoring. They take their nursing courses during the year and fit in the Biology stuff during the summer. Doing both is a LOT of work...or at least it sounds like it.
  12. Hazel11

    ATI for each class

    We have ATI too. I have a love/hate relationship with it as well. Our university started using it, and it really has helped determine who will pass the NCLEX. I really like the books though; they are straight-forward and a good review!
  13. Hazel11

    Tell me about nursing school... (again)

    Nursing school can get intense. My instructor had this to say: "If nursing school were easy, everyone would be able to do it." Even though it can get hard at times, I found that it is important to keep a support system around you. I am very glad that I found two very good friends who I study with each week. We all know what the other is going through, and we have helped each other a lot. You just have to stay motivated, disciplined, and positive. I don't have any children, but I do have a job so I have learned to really manage my time. Good luck. :)
  14. Any advice? In January, I will be starting my acute rotation for the first seven weeks, and psych for the second part. Thanks in advance! :spin:
  15. Working as a CNA helped me become more comfortable in clinicals. It also helps me pay off some of my loans.
  16. This semester has been sooo intense, but in January I will be a junior! I took Pharm, a med-surg class called Core Concepts, and Health Assessment. My exams are next week, and now that I have come close to the end, it is amazing all that I have learned. I have learned to give many types of injections (SubQ and IM), IV push, IV piggyback, oral meds and nebulizers. We also learned how to fully assess a patient and create care plans. I'm just so glad I am getting a break soon-our whole class needs it! :)