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  1. RayHFutureNurse

    OU-HSC "Car Pool/Clinical Groups"

    Thank you so much for your advice!! I left orientation a tad bit overwhelmed...so that makes me feel so much better!!! =)
  2. RayHFutureNurse

    OU-HSC "Car Pool/Clinical Groups"

    It does!!! Thank you so much for replying!! We had orientation today. I am getting really excited about starting! Have you enjoyed your time there so far??
  3. Okay! Thanks so much! I have already talked to the school and they said it can be done, so I am sure they will sign off on it. Thank you!!
  4. RayHFutureNurse

    What skills did YOU get at the CNA state exam?

    I took my test today in Oklahoma. We have to do 8 skills for HHLTC. I got... 1) Handwashing * 2) Vitals signs (temperature, pulse, and respirations) * 3) Blood pressure (it's seperate from vitals for some reason) * 4) Assisting with Ambulation (w/ transfer belt) * 5) Transfer from bed to wheelchair (also w/ transfer belt) * 6) Denture care 7) Assist w/ Undressing and Dressing Patient 8) Partial Bed Bath (from the waist up which we combined w/ undressing and dressing) ** These I knew I had going into the test, the other ones where picked at random right before I arrived and then I took an 80 question test. I hope that helps someone!! =) --Rachel
  5. Hi All! I have heard that it is posible to take the NCLEX_PN and become an LPN after your first year of nursing school (in a BSN program). I am just wondering if anyone has done this and how they went about it. Thanks for your time! --Rachel
  6. RayHFutureNurse

    New CNA Hospice experiences

    This thread is so helpful! I became a CNA (as of today actually) so that I can work for the hospice that my mom and her friend started a few years ago and to get some patient care experience before nursing school starts this Fall. I start on Monday and I am really nervous. After reading these responses I feel a lot better. I really think that I have a heart for this and that I will be able to do a lot of good. Thanks for the great and detailed responses!! =)
  7. RayHFutureNurse

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    YAY!! I passed today! I start my first job at a hospice on Monday! Then I start nursing school at the University of Oklahoma in August! =)
  8. RayHFutureNurse

    OU-HSC "Car Pool/Clinical Groups"

    Hi Everyone!! I am starting nursing school in the traditional BSN program at the OU Health Sciences Center this Fall. I was just wondering if anyone who has gone there recently or goes there now could answer a question for me. I am wondering how the car pool/clinical groups work. What exactly do the groups do together? Do you really get to pick your groups? Are there strict specifications as to who can be in your group? Finally, how many people can you have in your group? If anyone could answer those questions for me, it would help so much. I think we have a group of eight at this point, most of us will be commuting from Norman. Thankyou so much for any responses and everyone have a great summer!! =)
  9. RayHFutureNurse

    Just Wondering about Nursing Schools...

    I just got accepted into the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing BSN program.