What skills did YOU get at the CNA state exam?

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What did you think was most difficult?

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I got:

1. Vitals

2. Change of Position

3. Partial Bed Bath

...Obviously the latter was the more difficult skill. Or at least the most "involved".


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We just had a written exam. that was it. :D


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Ok the first time I had Transfer, Peri care on a woman , occuiped bed

the second time i had feeding, change a postion w/ back rub and occuiped bed

then the written i passed


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We just had a written exam. that was it. :D

That's all we have too!!!:yeah:


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Per-care..unoccupied bed..and change of position...and also written exam in which you take if you passed the clinical skills..where are you guys located in which you only have the written exam??!..that is awesome :up:


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Kansas here


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Illinois here.


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Vitals, handwashing, cath care on a female, giving the bedpan, and putting on tad hose. Pretty easy! I got so lucky on my skills exam!


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I just took my test in Florida today and got:

- Give the bedpan

- Ambulate

- Measure weight

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In MD our final exam counts as a CNA competency test. However if you plan on working in an LTC you have to be licensed as a Geriatric Nursing Assistant. Anyways we had both written & practical. The written test was I think 60 or 70 q's. Then on practical I had:handwashing, count respirations, clean dentures, administer bedpan, & feed pt. who cannot feed self

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We all had the same stuff. And the person who gave us the test was one of our clinical instructors, so she'd already seen us in action for a lot of stuff. We got hand washing, TPR, ROM (different body parts though), and the other 2 skills were whatever she popped in for during clinical. Like you'd be getting ready to give someone a bed bath and she'd come in and watch the whole time and afterward she'd tell you that was your skill. lol.

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