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  1. seventhecho

    Announce that you passed your CNA exam here!

    I passed my test today!
  2. seventhecho

    What skills did YOU get at the CNA state exam?

    I just took my test in Florida today and got: - Give the bedpan - Ambulate - Measure weight
  3. Just looking for any words of wisdom or things I should be sure to remember while testing tomorrow! Thanks everyone!
  4. seventhecho

    Test on Tuesday - Quick Question!

    Okay, that helps a lot! Thank you!
  5. seventhecho

    Test on Tuesday - Quick Question!

    I'm in Florida and my test is going to be through ProMetric, I just have a question about making an occupied bed. ProMetric provided a print off of all the skills they could possibly test on with "Did they do this.." kind of checklist. Looking at the checklist for making an occupied bed and comparing it to the checklist in my book, it is missing a lot of steps! In the book it requires you to change the bottom sheet, drawsheet, mattress pad, top sheet, blanket/comforter. The checklist by Prometric only lists the bottom and top sheet. My question is, are we really doing the entire bed or, because of time restraints, just the bottom and top sheet? And for giving the person a bedpan, are they going to tell you if the person can help you or not? Like can they flex their knees and lift their hips, or do you have to roll them and place the bedpan? Thanks for your help! Xoxo, Seven