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  1. huggiebear1979

    Associate Degree program a thing of the past...

    just curious for those in Texas-I was considering LPN, however now that alot of companies are slashing their jobs, I'm now considering an Associate's in Nursing, I had planned on applying to a program next year...means I should be done by 2015...I'm also older 32 so would be 35 upon completion of the program-is it hard to obtain a job at that age, and is it all companies leaning towards not hiring ADN nurses or mainly just hospitals...thanks for any input
  2. Hey don't mean to hijack the thread, but had a question related to working as a LPN/LVN..Currently in my second semester of nursing school, have about a year and a half left before I obtain my BSN, and in clinical today one of your professors told us that after 3rd semester we can sit for the LPN/LVN boards and then work as an LPN/LVN until we get our BSN, is this true? if it matters the classes we had in this second semester is Pharmacology, Basic, and third will be Psych and Med Surge 1 and Nursing Research....I think it's a really cool idea, but didn't know how much truth was in it, I also live in Texas....and was wondering what the starting pay would be
  3. huggiebear1979

    Becoming an Army Nurse

    Brandi, Are you in Nursing school right now or in the process?, that is going to be your first step...in regards to moving all the time, if you don't want to move, don't join the services, in the army you typically move every 2-3 years not sure about the Navy and in the AF it's usually about 2-3 years, although I have heard people that live for 10 years in one location, but that is not the norm...once your in Nursing School, locate a Health Care Officer Recruiter, no matter what don't go enlisted, you have much better way of life and better opportunities when you join as an officer..also peruse this site a bit, there is a wealth of information that had very similar questions, hope that helps some..
  4. huggiebear1979

    waiting, Air Force Nurse Corps

    Hi Weneferd, Thanks for the quick response, I believe that the reason you are starting as an 0-3 is because of the MSN and possibly the years of experience, In my case I have no nursing experience except for school and clinicals that will have to be completed for Nursing school..I have 6 years prior active duty so that means If the air force were to accept my commission I would start off as a 0-1E or second lieutenant, because I have no nursing experience.....nothing wrong with that, just seems like it will take longer to reach my long term goals, on a plus side if I were to obtain the BSN, and join the military straight out school at 33, I will def retire faster and possibly have my BSN debt paid off:-), now that I think about it a little bit more, it might make more sense to do that, and see if I can get a conditional release while I go to school whether that would be for NP, PA or CRNA a few years after that and is still undecided...oh and on the recruiter note, it's always better to collect the info before you go to the recruiter, even the Health Care ones have an agenda:-)
  5. huggiebear1979

    waiting, Air Force Nurse Corps

    Hey everyone, This post will be somewhat off topic so I apologize in advance for that...I'm in my second semester of Nursing school, so far it's been pretty hectic but not too bad far as studying and time management goes, I've been told that 3rd semester is the make it or break it semester, that is the one with Med Surge and Mental, and people say that once you get through that semester, you're golden, meaning that the program is still difficult but managable in 4th and 5th semesters...anyway initially when I started the path to obtaining my BSN, my goals were 1) Graduate with my BSN 2) Join the Military as an officer (I was hoping to get loan payback and maybe a bonus) 3) After 2-3 years in a critical care capacity, apply for NP and/or CRNA schools, but be on a military release to go to school, and then join back when I've graduated.. But recently I've been told about Physician Assistant programs and I also looked at the Physican Assistant job description for the Air Force, I read on the air force site, that their is a loan called HPSP( which will give you a monthly stipend and pay for your tuition and fees, most PA schools range between 2-3 years) and it also states that once a Physician Assistant graduates they are automatically promoted to Captain..so these are my questions If I dont' get picked up for HPSP, will the Air force pay the student loans back upon commission? Also For Physician Assistant for their pre-req's, they require alot of Chem in my opinion, chem isn't a strong suit for me, I would still have about 4 semesters of Chem to take and some Biology courses, but I don't think I'll struggle with those as much, is it realistic for me to maybe take one bio and chem course along with the nursing courses each semester...keep in mind I have a decent amount of study time available.. For PA programs they require 1) Have completed a Degree I'll have my BSN in May 2012 2) Shadow a PA-Hours range for each school, some require 100 hours and some require around 1000 3) 3 LOR 4) Program length 2-3 years 5) 3.3-3.7 G.PA overall miniumum/Science G.P.A similar Time required for PA 1) Graduate with BSN (2 more years) 2) Apply and get accepted to PA school (2-3 years length of school) 3) Go into the military as an officer and start as an 0-3 (5 years to goal) My age would be 38 years old when I would be entering the military, assuming I would start the year I graduate with my BSN of course these times are only if I get accepted the first time around, if not the times are longer So time required for Nurse Practitioner would be 1)Graduate with BSN (2 more years) 2)Get 2-3 years experiece as a RN 3) Get accepted in NP or CRNA school, if accepted (3-4 years) Overall time to my goal=9 years My age when joining the military would be 33, assuming I get my commission accepted the year I graduate with my BSN I also have 6 years prior service so the NP route looks appealing based on retirement years I've just have been doing alot of research on both professions and their just doesn't seem to be alot of difference between the two, I've read on some posts that the NP has alot more independence, but I can't see that being the case for a NP in the military, (I plan on being a lifer, if they'll let me) Also I have a strong interest in Neuro and Surgical and ER and Cardiac Also I was thinking about applying for commissioning in the Air force to be an RN about May 2011, a year from when I graduate, also will be taking the GRE and also applying for the PA programs in June 2011, so one of my concerns is what if I apply for the commission for RN and get accepted into the military, and get accepted to PA school? if something like that were to happen can i turn down the commission for RN and pursue PA and maybe get the HPSP while in PA school? I also live right by Sheppard AF Base, I would like to shadow a NP and a PA at the hospital here, any suggestions on how to go about doing that? Sorry for the long post again, and I know it seems like I'm leaning towards PA, i'm really not, just PA is looking more appealing due to less time to obtain an advanced degree and starting would be coming in as an 0-3, I'm older-31 so that is one reason the PA is looking like the way to go, but I'm open to discussions and suggestions... Also so there is no misunderstanding, thus far I've really enjoyed Nursing, just trying to figure out what would be the best fit for me as far as long term goals are concerned, since I'm a non traditional student and older..
  6. huggiebear1979

    Midwestern State University

    uhl, as far as I know you don't need a personal statement or recommendations to apply, unless they've changed the requirements, I would call the Nursing Department to be sure...
  7. huggiebear1979

    Air Force Nursing Bonus, Student Loan Repayment

    USC, Alot of your questions are probably already answered if you peruse the site, a good source would be a health care officer recruiter, although I don't think other members of the thread would mind if you posted all of your questions at once, also not to be personal, but have you considered relocating to an area where they are hiring new grads, and have you considered applying to long term facilities and not just hospitals?
  8. huggiebear1979

    Air Force Nursing Bonus, Student Loan Repayment

    Hi everyone, currently in my second semester of nursing school, and I had a couple of questions, I am aware to start the process for commisisoning in the AF a year out, but knowing that the acceptance may not be known between 12-24 months, does anybody have any recommendations on where to work in the meantime as a new grad? Also been thinking about joining the reserves while in nursing school, but don't know if I'd be shooting myself in the foot doing that or delaying the process even more for commissioning, also have been considering also applying for a commision in the Navy in case the AF doesn't work out, is it possible to apply for both services and then turn one down if I get accepted to both?
  9. huggiebear1979

    University of Oklahoma-Accelerated BSN Program

    To Persistance, Not sure who you were talking to, but I lived in Lawton for about a year and in Columbia, SC for about a year, I def am not a fan of Columbia. In my opinion, Lawton is a good place to raise a family, not a whole lot to do there, at least in the winter time..there is a lake there, and a pretty cool town close by called Medicine Park, that is pretty neat. Since I'm single and older 31, I wouldn't recommend it as a place to be..it just depends on what type of things you like to do. Yes, there is a mall there, and no I definitely would not stay in Lawton, unless I had kids to raise there. To Quidra-Please see above and just one tip I have is when you apply to programs, apply for more than one. I applied to University of Oklahoma Nursing program at the Lawton Campus and didn't get in the first year and hadn't applied to any other schools. I also applied again a year later and did not get in, but got my second choice which is Midwestern State University, which is in Wichita Falls, TX, which turned out to be the better choice for me-their program is 2 and a half years and even then, the nursing courses and clinicals are very overwhelming, there is no way I could have handled an accelerated program....but to each their own...
  10. huggiebear1979

    What type of a chance do I have of acceptance? :)

    Here is a link I thought would be helpful for you, http://www.all-crna-schools.com/nurse-anesthetist-schools.html, it looks like most of the CRNA schools would be tough to get into with your G.P.A, however I did see a couple where a 2.75 is okay, (They don't look at just G.P.A), also most require that you work at least 1 year in critical care, there are other factors but those are the two that stuck in my head when i was doing research for it...also you noted that you are a good test taker? Do you have any tips? I tend to blank out on tests due to nerves....
  11. huggiebear1979

    Should I Take the Chance/Sacrifice?

    I'm about to start my second semester in Nursing School, far as the relationship, I wouldn't base your decision on that, the reason I say that is because once your in Nursing School, you'll be way too busy to have a whole lot of time for them anyway. I would go ahead and apply for the schools starting in Spring, and go to whichever one accepts you, (Nursing school is super tough to get into), I would probably go ahead and apply to the one as well that starts a year from now. The reason i say go to whichever one accepts you is because about 2 years ago, I had one school in mind that I wanted to get into, I applied to only that school, I didn't get accepted that year and I also hadn't applied anywhere else, so I had to wait a whole year again to apply. Then the next year came around, I applied to 3 different schools and again didn't get accepted to the one I initially wanted, but got my second choice...my point on this is I could be in my last semester right now vs my second if I had applied to more than one the first time around...good luck:-)
  12. huggiebear1979

    Air Force Nurse Pay

    Hey everyone, Not sure if I'm posting in the correct thread, but tonight when I was googling schools for nurse practitioner schools, some of them don't require alot or pre-req's other than a BSN and a good score on the GRE and nursing license and a 3.0 G.P.A for their master's programs, my initial plan was to graduate with my BSN in 2 years, join the Air Force, hit captain, then go back to school for either nurse practitioner school or CRNA, then finish out my air force time, but it looks as if I could possibly graduate with my BSN, get my RN license and start a master's program for Nurse Practitioner and then join the air force upon getting my master's for a nurse practitioner, anybody have advice on this??? The only downfalls I see are I would have very little RN experience besides my clinicals, when I graduate with my BSN I will be 32, so by the time I finish my Master's would be between 34-37, and thus the older you get, the harder it is to get in to the air force....thanks for any insight.....oh and one more downfall would be, I would have higher loan debt than if I joined after I graduate with my BSN...oh and if anyone supports getting the nurse practitioner route first, what steps should I take far as the recruiter is concerned..
  13. huggiebear1979

    Qualified New Grad RN, No one wants to hire!!!!!

    to msmo0508, military nursing is overloaded as well, so for the person who needs the job/money right away, this would not be a good option. i'm currently looking into joining the af after i graduate, and i'm 2 years from that goal, the recruiter for the air force told me to come back when i have one year of school left....also on another nursing forum, alot of people who have went through the process and the military has accepted them to come in, and they have to wait next year to go into the air force because of the overload of nurses in 2009/2010...
  14. huggiebear1979

    Are LPN's being Phased Out?

    To the original poster, Before you start an LPN program, consider long term goals too, if you don't plan on going on to advanced schooling, career that requires more than a bachelor's degree, LPN is great, but if you do plan on having a career in something that requires advanced schooling it might be wise for you to go ahead and go for the RN license...just a thought....
  15. huggiebear1979

    What did you do before you were a nurse?

    Worked at Burger king, then a video store during high school, joined the military at 18, got out after 6 years, worked at GNC, then went to school for CNA, but haven't found a job as a CNA, currently in Nursing school and after I graduate, I plan to be either a CRNA or Nurse Practitioner, and also plan on commissioning into the airforce or navy after graduating...
  16. huggiebear1979

    I was curious...

    Hi everyone, First off, just want to apologize if this is the wrong forum for this, but wasn't sure where to post my question...I'm currently in school for my BSN, I have no LPN/LVN experience although I do have my CNA license but haven't used it...one of my friends is thinking about going for either an LPN or LVN in Boise, ID at Apollo College, she is currently working as a CNA and has a Medical Assisting degree....I'm unsure if this school is legit, because when I go to their website you can see the programs that they offer but nothing else, but a form that has to be filled out for them to contact you, I was curious first what is the difference if any between an LPN/LVN, second-about how much approximately can she expect for Tuition and Fees to be, and most importantly what certification should the school have to be considered an authentic nursing program? Just out of my own curiosity, money is tight for her right now, and I know that for students going for their BSN's that some hospitals will pay your tuition, as long as you agree to work for them a couple of years after you graduate, are similar contracts available for LPN's/LVN's?