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i'm almost done with my cna training and when i tell people that i'm going for the cna they look down on it and say that i'm on the bottom rank .people always assume that i just clean poop all day... Read More

  1. by   MrsHarrison0526
    Right now I am an intern so I work with PCA's alot and I've gotten to see a lot of what goes on. Honestly, from what I have seen between the interaction between patients and pca's and also nurses and pca's. On some floors I work on, I respect the pca's and what they do MUCH more than the RN's. This is true for all the floors I have worked on (I'm in the float pool) PCA's bust their butts and I don't mean part of the time I mean ALL the time. and It's amazing to me how they get all of their work done. They also seem to be in the best moods and are the ones least to complain. If I have learned anything that I will carry on when I graduate in dec. it will be to work WITH the PCA's. Because without them, most nurses wouldn't get through the day, whether they realize it or not.
  2. by   kendel
    society judges us based on what we do

    that is a shame.

    it happens to me all the time

    i went to the real estate agent and they immediately assumed i must not be making enough money to buy a house until they ask my profession, when i tell them RN their countenance and personality suddenly changes.

    i am not quick to tell people i am an RN- because i know theres a bunch of hippocrites

    treat me like every one else

    so i dont tell people period- its a last resort
  3. by   kendel
    every job is important
    garbage man

    people need to stop putting other people down and looking down on others
    its alll a job unless you own your own corporation
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Small people need to feel better about themselves by making others feel badly. Don't let anyone do that to you.

    Hold your head high. A compassionate, intelligent aide is worth her weight in gold. You are the hands-on person, and may be the only one touching that individual in such an intimate way at all ever anymore. Your caring and gentleness and kindness mean more than I could ever articulate, because you set the tone, more so than a nurse or doctor ever can.
  5. by   Ginny Weasley
    I get treated the same way metalhead : ( don't feel too bad about it though. Just tell them that you are going to school to get your nursing degree.
  6. by   Jo Dirt
    A CNA's job is extremely important, although, it should be a job for a young person getting their feet wet in nursing and not a career. It's sad to see so many older people, worn out, making just a little above minimum wage.
  7. by   Bebi11
    I don't really care what people will say. I am a nurse aide and I'm proud of it. We want to help people and if it's to change their diper that will make them feel better so let it be it. Someone has to do it and I won't mind doing it. What would happen with them if it wasn't for nurse aides and everyone would think "EWWWW POOOOP"?!
  8. by   Virgo_RN
    A CNA is only low class if they act like it. I've worked with some CNAs that I wouldn't wish on anyone, and others who are the most dignified and professional people I have ever met.
  9. by   st4wb3rr33sh0rtc4k3
    You are not the bottom of my pile! I need you. So don't let others get to you. You are an important part of the health care team.

    And I know about the pay thing, been there done that. At some places you can make a pretty decent living. It really depends on where you work and what you do.
  10. by   Plagueis
    Quote from motorcycle mama
    A CNA's job is extremely important, although, it should be a job for a young person getting their feet wet in nursing and not a career. It's sad to see so many older people, worn out, making just a little above minimum wage.
    It does bother me sometimes to see older coworkers who are still CNAs, and they tell me that the reason they didn't consider becoming a nurse was that they didn't think they were "smart" enough. I know that some CNAs also consider it a career, but then they are the ones who have to work numerous double-shifts in order to support themselves and their families. If CNAs started out at, say $20 per hour (and I think they should), then I can understand someone staying in that job. I give those CNAs who have been at it for decades so much credit because I have only been doing this for over two years, and I am so ready to retire from exhaustion!
  11. by   pgray1229
    You shouldn't worry when someone looks down on you. CNAs are very important in the medical field. WE are the hands, eyes and ears for the nurses.. if it weren't for us, who knows where hospitals/LCTF would be!

    Good luck.
  12. by   Heidi W
    [quote=pagandeva2000;2447232] Therefore, you have to draw satisfaction from within because nursing will not really give it to you.

    This is the most accurate and powerful sentence I could find. I started out as a CNA in a nursing home, and am now in Home-health. I am also trying to get into the LPN program because I love nursing. In all of my experience, in healthcare you really do just have to find it in yourself to be happy doing what you're doing. For a while you may feel as though no one appreciates you, but there will come a time when a resident passes away and their son/daughter will remember that that sweet girl took such good care of "mama." Believe me, it's worth it to know that you made something difficult a little bit easier for someone.
    If you have a natural tendency to care for people, let that be the reward in itself.
    One last piece of advice-I had to change from nursing home to home health simply because my body could not handle everything required in a nursing home, and I'll tell you I have never been happier. So if that is an issue you might look into what kind of home health program your state offers.