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al7139 has 5 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Emergency.

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  1. al7139

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Sha' (say it shapostrophe) Ta, (say it Tacoma) I mean really?
  2. al7139

    Violence in the ER

    every situation is different..th it. The demented old man or lady I am not looking to be the bad guy. if they swing at me I let it go. The drunk/on drugs patient who did this to themselves I will absolutely press charges on. They are high, not disabled. If you hit a nurse or a cop, the outcome is the same...felony.! I don't want all your money I just want you to learn your lesson. Don't hit the nurse. We are here to help so we put up with a lot more than usual...doesn't mean you will get away with it. Amy
  3. I'm having vag discharge. When the pelvic is done, the provider pulls out 80.00 in cash. The patient lays it out on the bedside table to dry out...EWWWW! Another one : My daughter needs a CT scan to see if her depression is still there. "I have been walking all day and I'm hungry." She waited in the lobby for quite a while despite being brought in by EMS. (You can sit and wait and think about what you've done)
  4. al7139

    Best MD note

    Order for one cigarette q day. He had a very heavy accent and was misinterpreted by the scribe
  5. Ive been an ER nurse for 2 1/2 years before that tele on a unit. I will NEVER go back to floor nursing. We have to have BLS, ACLS, PALS and TNCC and they prefer CEN cert as well. I had to go agency and task in the ED and get recs from the nurses I worked with to get hired, but it was worth it, I wouldn't do anything else now.
  6. al7139

    Question for ER nurses

    Alpha type personality. I did 2 years on a tele unit before going to ED. Gave me an important foundation in cardio and medical. You have to have a thick skin both for the patients and the Doctors, but not be afraid to give it right back and advocate for the patient or give it right back to the MD's that want to walk all over you if you let them.
  7. al7139

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    I have had La-sha (say Ladasha) Ta, (say Tacoma) and Sha' (say Shapostrophe) I mean, REALLY? what are u thinking? And my fave: a real BAD epileptic that we ALWAYS have to restrain ... De'mon (we say Demon)
  8. al7139

    Funniest/strangest dementia patient stories

    On my first job on a tele unit, I had a 90ish LOL who asked me to scratch her vagina for her...I had no Idea what to say...
  9. al7139

    V-FIB - Nature's Control/ALT/Delete

    love it
  10. al7139

    Tech vs. RN

    Hi I am a nurse in a very busy ED. My techs are any level from EMT-B to Paramedic. I have worked with some great paramedics (one actually works in our cath lab as a tech) and some really bad ones. As a nurse, all my patients are urgent and when I get orders, I feel like they need to be done STAT. If I have 4 patients and 2 have the full workup ordered, I ask a tech to help. I say I will go to this room if you get that room. My definition of a good tech? One who pays attention when you askk for help. The attitude of some techs is tough sometimes, but the one who will jump up and work is worth the weight in gold. It does not matter what the creds are, they are good or they suck.
  11. al7139

    A word of advice for a strange question?

    Anything can be used as a weapon. Just be very aware of your surroundings and ask for help if you need it. If I am uncomfortable with a patient, I take off my stethoscope and my badge and empty my pockets before going into a room, and I get a security guard or another staff member to accompany me. Since your culture prohibits you from removing your headscarf, if you are really uncomfortable, ask for an escort for safety. That should not be an issue in any ER.
  12. Pt brought in by EMS CC "I've been walking all day and my legs hurt, and I'm hungry" I kid you not. Pt went straight to triage.
  13. al7139

    Evidence Based Practice

    Hi if you are interested in neuro, why not do stroke? The hospital i work at is stroke certified,so there are very strict protocols that must be followed,all of which have been backed by evidence based practice which are proven guidelines for handling a possible stroke. If you are interested feel free to contact me for assistance. amy
  14. al7139

    How does inexperienced RN do ER?

    Hi op, I will tell you my experience and you take what you want. I was a shiny new grad in 2007 and was certain i wanted to do er/trauma right out of school. In spite of my eagerness, i listened to more experienced nurses and got my first job on a cardiac stepdown unit. There i saw all aspects of heart disease as well as alot of med surg. I learned alot on that unit after 3 years i then went agency briefly and through them found that ed job i wanted,i have now been there over a year and i love it and the staff and the people/patients. Could i have done this fresh out of school.? I doubt it. I needed those first years to gain some learning and practical experiance. I am glad i didit this way,now even after a year, i am trusted by the docs due to my experience. We do have a fellowship program for new grads, but it is hard andnot everyone makes it. I advise a couple years on a cardiac unit prior to ed Amy
  15. al7139

    Do you have to be tough to work in ED?

    We have all kinds in my ED, from outspoken to quiet. I dont think it really matters if the Doctors respect you, BUT you better be able to be loud if a patient needs to be seen immediately or if a patient is "heading south". NICU will help with peds, but I got a good cardiac background before I went to ED.
  16. al7139

    How can you neglect a patient and live with yourself?

    I work in an ED in the Hampton Roads, VA area, and I see it all the time. There are good SNF's and bad ones. Every time I get a patient from certain SNFs, I know I can expect a "hot mess", not just the chief complaint. I hate seeing these poor people like this. I try to take extra time with them and be kind even if they are not so pleasant sometimes. I will feed them and make sure they are comfortable. Lots of times, they don't even have a family member with them in the ER, so I will try to sit for a little while with them if I have time. The other problem with the SNF's is that the nurses there are overloaded, and they do not have the freedom that we ED nurses do to use their critical thinking (i.e. a SOB asthma patient comes in, I can start stacked nebs without an MD order since we have protocols in place) so the policy at the SNF is to transport for anything abnormal rather than try to treat there because an MD has to see the patient before any new treatments. It sucks all the way around. I have an advance directive already to NEVER put me in a nursing home. Amy