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i am planning to become a cna and then after about a year continuing on to become an rn or maybe lpn. are other people considering a similar career path? i think i'll be more comfortable getting some... Read More

  1. by   ShawnieBoy
    i plan on taking plebotomy in the fall so i can become a patient care tech.:bowingpur
  2. by   mncna08
    Im a cna working on my pre-reqs for nursing school, hopefully i will be done in a couple years. I decided against lpn, you have to take the same pre-classes for nursing school. I figure, why waist my time and torture myself with more work than i need to? lol
  3. by   mncna08
    Im a cna doing my pre-reqs for nursing school. I decided against the lpn route. You have to take the same pre-classes for lpn as you do for nursing school. I figure why give myself more work than i have too? if i end up in the same place lol
  4. by   emily_ganshert
    Yeah, I'm basically doing what you're doing. I'm finishing up my CNA course right now, will work as one for about a year while I do my Nursing prerequisites, then try to get into Nursing school. I've been told working as a CNA first really helps prepare you (in some ways) for Nursing school. I hope it's true! Best of luck to you!
  5. by   kgregg
    I have decided to go the CNA route before applying for Nursing Sch and becoming an LPN... like someone said on this forum u have to take baby steps...I feel this is the right path for me.. .. does anyone know how much CNA's make in VA (Hampton Roads area) Newport News, Hampton, Williamsburg, and surrounding cities? I know in NY (where I currently live) they make 10-15/hr
  6. by   wannabcna
    goodmorning, It seems so many of us are using CNA as a stepping stone. I dont even begin my cna class for another 12 days, but right after I finish my cna class, I will be taking phlebotomy as well to become PCT. My cna class is 7 weeks long and so is the phlebotomy. I am sure comes next spring when it is time to take the NET I will be signing up to see if I can get into the LPN program for Fall 2010.
  7. by   tishirajan
    I let my certification expire so I'm looking into retaking the exam to get my CNA back while I go to school. I decided that would help me brush up on my skills while in school and help me earn some much needed funds. I'm taking my prerequisites this fall for the ADN progam. I'm really excited to begin this new chapter in my life. I'm 41 so I figure I'll graduate when I'm 45. No time like the present eh?

    My son, who is starting college this fall as well, talked me into going back to get my degree. He's going into the ADN program as well so I'll have a great study partner
  8. by   kgregg
    7 weeks! where?and phlebotomy? would love to do the same thing! am not a cna yet either....
  9. by   Girl Scout
    I'm curious now, how many are going to maybe get the PCT (or PCA) thing? I am, and I thought mine included phlebotomy, but somebody today at school mentioned that it did not. I guess maybe it just varies from school to school?
  10. by   kgregg
    pct is that a patient care tech? u dont need a certification for that? pca is a personal care aide right....
  11. by   Girl Scout
    I don't know what the difference is here locally, because they get interchanged all the time. I'll see PCA at school, then go look at job listings at hospitals and they want PCTs and PCAs and CNAs that do all the things that the PC~'s do. And in the federal government job listings, sometimes they're not even called that, sometimes they're called Health Technicians!
  12. by   AprilRosedw
    My name is April Rose and I am a resident of Ohio.

    I plan to take my STNA near the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. After, I finish my STNA class and pass the exam. I will be going to school for my Associates of Nursing(RN).

    I want to become a STNA for a job which will give me experience.

    An associates degree usually takes 2 years but I am not starting my degree for a year.
    I will earn my (RN) about 3 years from now and transfer to a 4 year university which will be an extra 2 years.

    5-6 years from now I will have my RN and my bachelor degree.

    I will take pre-med classes and major in Psychology or Creative writing. Then, I will apply for medical school and hopefully get in.
    After I finish medical school then I will start my residency in family medicine or obstetrics. After 3-6 years of residency I will take the test to become a physician.

    I plan to become an Rn because of the experience and money. I considered my life in my 20's and I know I will have children before I graduate medical school. My plan may take 12-20 years but its my life goal along with having a family.


    The RN takes 2 years with an extra semester for support courses, like english science and math. The LPN program takes 1 year of nursing classes plus a semester of support courses. I would not go for an LPN because RNs earn more and some people have been discussing how LPN jobs aren't flourishing like years ago.

    My mother and brother are both LPNs and they have told me how they wished they had went for their RN.

    Don't stop at your cna or lpns license go for your RN.
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  13. by   Girl Scout
    I've been juggling a lot of different options and trying to figure out what I really want. I finally decided. I'm going to go for RN.

    But I've got at least 4 semesters of pre-reqs to get out of the way before I do that. And possibly as much as 6 semesters. Just depending on if I go to school year-round, or take a semester or two off to work.

    Also, the only place locally for me to get my LPN costs $6,500. The RN program just costs $4,500. I don't really know why that is. Maybe it's because the LPN program is at a "technical institute", while the RN is through a community college.

    Anyway, the thing is, if I went LPN then used that as a faster way to get into the RN program, it would cost me thousands more dollars. I would still have to do all my pre-requisites, too, which would cost thousands on top of that. So in the end, it doesn't make sense to me to spend thousands additionally to become an LPN first, even though I would actually love to go that route. Oh well.

    What I am doing in the meantime is racking up my pre-requisites. I just finished CNA (will take my state test in a month), and am about to start PCA, then in the fall, will start my RN general pre-reqs as well as take EMT. It's weird how that works but it won't actually cost but a few hundred more, so it's worth it to me.

    So hopefully by the time all my pre-reqs are out of the way, I'll be a CNA/PCA and an EMT, and if I can get some experience in, then it will help my app to RN school.

    Whew! I'm about to turn 37. I guess I should be applying to nursing school at least by the time I'm 40!