how many cna's plan to continue their education?

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i am planning to become a cna and then after about a year continuing on to become an rn or maybe lpn. are other people considering a similar career path? i think i'll be more comfortable getting some training and experience beforne going to nursing school. it seems lees intimidating this way. anyone else doing this too?


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Im going to be doing the same thing.


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I am already CNA and I will be applying to nursing school for Fall 2010


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I became a nursing assistant back in December and I start nursing school this August.


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glad everyone is on the same page and i'm not crazy for doing it that way :)


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I am a planner...I need to plan or else i get way too impatient. I am currently getting my CNA, will go to school this fall to get my LPN and maybe, in the next couple years, after I gain some experience, I will go for my RN. There are many ways to go about this, you just have to find the path thats right for you!


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I don't know about you guys, but where I live CNA's make good money in comparison to many of the other jobs out there. Nursing school isn't cheap, so its a pretty good option.

a side question: Where I'm from LPN's are pretty much being eliminated. Is it the same for everyone else? I just keep hearing people talking about going for it, and we really only have rn programs around here.

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I plan on going back to school as well.

Becoming a CNA was my first step. LPN will be next then eventually RN. I am choosing to take the time to become an LPN first because I don't want to work as a CNA for however many years it takes to become an RNmaking so little, when there's good money to be made on my way up the ladder.

I don't know anything about the phasing out of LPNs. The only place I ever hear about that is here on the forum, but then, I'm not working yet either.


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I'm taking A&P 1&2 over the summer & in the fall finishing up my last pre-reqs. I'd like to apply to some nursing schools but I'm also considering applying to an LPN program. My mom doesn't think this a good idea (she's an RN) but its just an option just in case I can't get into an RN program. I work at an ALF & there are tons of LPNs there, and when I did my clinicals at an LTC for my CNA class I saw a few LPNs too.


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I'm a CNA and currently enrolled in a Medical Assistant degree program!


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I take my state board exam on July 10th. After that I will be going to get my PCT certification. I am planning to become a R.N. I'm not sure if I want to take the LPN route yet. I want to work in a hospital, and not only are their opportunites limited in hospitals in my area, but I dont know if I want to spend the extra money to be an LPN just to become a R.N eventually. I'm undecied about that, as well as going for my ASN or straight to my BSN. I'm baby stepping it though. One at a time. I'm sure the right route will come my way in time. My ultimate goal is to become a NP, since its the closest I can be to being a doctor(what I've always wanted to be) and I get to gain more knowledge(I love to learn). But I have a long way to go before that.


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I've been working as a CNA for 10 months and am applying for LPN school which starts in January. I'm hoping to take a Med Tech class in August and work 3 days a week as Med Tech while going to school. After school I can work at my LTC as an LPN while going to school for my RN. I'm 54, but I figure I've got a good 20 years to work yet...LOL

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