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  1. prettyindecent

    How do you balance work and school.

    I've been doing that now. I decided to work part time and do a full time program, because in the long run, the sooner I have a good REAL job, the less we will struggle (mind you, I do not have any children). You are legally allowed to use your student loans for transportation rent, etc...whatever it takes to keep you in school, and I've had to do it before. Just remember you still have to pay it back eventually.
  2. prettyindecent

    pre nursing student concerned

    I am a pre nursing student, currently (at least, that's what the school calls me - I can apply for the program itself this winter). I worked for two months in a Nursing Residence in dietary before I took a fall there. I have a herniated disk and severe bursitis in both hips. I can't stand for more than a couple hours without intense pain, currently, and often am scared to work at all. I go to PT and see specialists consistently, and the next step is cortisone. I am considering a less physical job while I'm pursuing my nursing degree in hopes that this will help with healing - along with an active lifestyle outside of work. I have this small fear that this is going to affect my career choice, but I'm refusing to give up. If anyone has been in this position though, I would love some input. I've always been active, never had problems like this until my fall - and they're probably dropping my comp soon - Does this seem like a good thing? I mean, this would give me years to work with this and manage the pain so it seems smart to me, and because I can barely work in my current job, my priorities are shifting to the financial burdens of now. Also, has anyone had cortisone shots? My doctor has assured me there are no long term effects but I've read and heard many different things. I don't know, I guess the past few months have made me a little skittish, I guess I just keep pushing through and try to get stronger. I hate missing work because I love the residents there but I guess I'm just paranoid that this is never gunna go away. Thanks.
  3. prettyindecent

    To PA or not to PA...

    I went through this same debate while choosing colleges, and to be honest, I got observe in a local hospital with a class. A big part of my decision to pursue nursing was that I noticed nurses seem to interact with and work with the patients on a unique level. Another reason is that Nursing is so incredibly versatile. Just browse the forums here. The 'doctor' my family goes to is an NP, and is damn good. I'd say see whats out there, trust me, you'll be overwhelmed. :)
  4. prettyindecent

    confused as hell

    Ive worked with this company for a month before I was injured. My own doctor won't take me because its a comp case, the only doctors who will don't listen to a word I say and are running me in circles, and the only one who made any sense was the doc at the ER. Yesterday I waited at the office for an hour before they sent me away saying the doctor wasn't here today! I was denied FMLA because I haven't worked at my residence for a year and I have no idea what that means in relation to my job because I've never been through this before. While my back is doing a little better I still get the numbness in my leg and the pain in my legs makes it so I can't sleep at night. My first concern is: Screw my job, can someone PLEASE just help me fix this? My second one is: What does it mean that I was denied FMLA leave? Am I going to have a job to go back to? Do I have a paycheck? I don't understand any of this I'm not even twenty years old and there's really no one to guide me through this. I finally found a job I could stick with in a place I could apply my education and I get hurt, get **** care, and no answers. I'm so lost I don't know what to do.
  5. prettyindecent

    How do you balance work and school.

    They say it's suicide to work full time and be in a nursing program, but realistically, there are those of us who need to work to be able to go to school (not to mention LIVE). I've found a part time day program at a local CC that I'm hoping to get into, but for those of you who work full time, how do you balance your schedule? Do you make it to your classes/work on time? When do you find time to study?
  6. prettyindecent

    I am not a nurse yet, but this seemed appropriate here.

    Thank you, I am so glad someone read this. If even one person was reminded, I'm happy. I am under twenty years old and normally strong as an ox. I have been sentenced to stay off my feet for over a week, no work, no cleaning, just rest and ice and its horrible. I'm killing the time by learning and researching how to keep my body strong as I endeavor to become a nurse. I hope five years from now someone won't have to say it to me, but I am grateful for this experience. I could have lost my job, my career, any of it, had the injury been worse. I've learned that my health comes first. We all work in helping professions, without our health we can't follow our calling.
  7. prettyindecent

    this just upsets me..

    Good luck hun! I know the waiting is killer, I have to wait till march, and then hope I don't get screwed over, or it could be longer! Just don't get discouraged, time goes by faster than you know and before you know it you'll be studying your butt off.
  8. prettyindecent


    I have been in and out of work for the past week due to a back injury i've been off for the past few days. My followup appt. is tommorow. I'm nervous because the injury worsened while i was on light duty and I a)can't afford to miss work but b) will surely lose my job if I relapse. I'm praying for a competent doctor who will hear my story and make a good judgement call, as I was misdiagnosed the first time. I can't afford more drama, and I'm scared of hurting myself worse or losing my job. So complicated.
  9. I take many of my prereqs online. By may I should be training to become a CNA and trying to find a part time LPN program that I can work into my schedule. I took Bio in high school and enjoyed it greatly, however that was a good three or four years ago and I want to take it as a refresher because I've been told you should have a strong knowledge of bio to help you succeed in A&P. So, do you think it's too much for a part time student to take both at once? On top of trying to start as a CNA? Do you think both online is realistic? Or is my old background in bio going to be enough? Also, how many of you work full time and are going to nursing school. How do you succeed? Do you take classes full time or part time? I don't care if it takes me longer to become a nurse part time, I can't afford to stop working full time. There's no chance. But I don't hear of many other students who do it.
  10. prettyindecent

    Any others trying to quit smoking?

    You'll get there. I just quit a few days ago using the patch. I have a sore throat all the time, but my bp's down, and my sense of smell is returning. I have no desire to go back. Because we are addicted, we glorify cigarettes in our minds, like a child does with candy. Don't glorify them. Especially working at a health care setting, find something to do when you would normally smoke, bring a book even if you don't get very far on your break. It started for me because I'm trying to lose 15-20 pounds. Then I started smoking too much, plus I was running, my lungs were under stress and my chest hurt, and finally, I could barely finish one anymore. Make smokes poison. Think about it. Do gymnasts eat candy? Highly unlikely. We are in helping professions. We can do very little to help if we are ailing ourselves. Good luck to you, just remember, don't glorify the little buggers or you'll be running for a pack. Lie to yourself if you have to, it doesn't matter. Find a way to hate smoking.
  11. prettyindecent

    GOAL -- Weight Loss and healthier living

    Im a student too, doing my prereqs. College makes you gain weight. Good luck guys, just don't overdo it. I know I gained 30 pounds the first year of college and I'm stuglling horribly to lose them (they're really not coming off, or they are slowly) I just wanna lose about eleven more pounds. The problem is, the scale lies. When I do work out and excersize, I put on muscle fast, so I gain weight. So um, when do you start losing it?
  12. I have an inflamed disk with sciatica. I work in a healthcare setting, and while it should heal in a few weeks this was my first brush with workers comp, and while it could have been worse, with the kind of injuries nurses face. I am very young and it was a wake up call. I was scared for my job and my health, and it's making me more conscious of my health and how I move at work. I would hate to make it through school and then be doomed to stop before I even get there. I was warned nursing would destroy my mind and body, but its still the only thing ive ever wanted to do and I don't want to lose that. So everyone with injuries and disabilities they received in the field, my prayers go out to you. To everyone else, especially fellow students, nobody is above proper body mechanics, you only get one body, do what you can to keep it safe. We all know the human body is just as fragile as it is strong.
  13. prettyindecent

    Work Injury, need advice

    I had my first at work injury recently and filed as worker's comp and am now regretting it after all the reading I've done here. I don't want to lose my job, but I'm not a nurse yet, and all I want to do is get better. I'm def scared for my job (I also work in healthcare), but I know that if I have to work a crap job till I can get my CNA it's something. I never want to be in this kind of mess again. Good luck to all of you.