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  1. kgregg

    So you want to be a nurse...

    Awesome post... Thank you.
  2. kgregg

    Hesi Exit Exam

    Which one is "harder" the HESI or the TEAS..was told that I will be tested on Math, Reading Comp, Grammar and Vocabulary.... The school I "plan"on attending just recently switched to the HESI.... is this a good thing? I am SOOO not A test taker.... Study guide here I come!Thanks Folks!
  3. kgregg

    Passed HESI Admission Assessment Exam - My experience/Tips

    WOW! THANK YOU for this post! I just found out that I will have to take the HESI Spring 2013... the school I plan on attending use to use the TEAS... This post was very informative..I will take your advice.. I will have to focus on the math PORTION OF THE EXAM... Thank you!!!
  4. kgregg

    Crash course in TEAS information - ALL help welcome PLEASE

    @pthelper777 44 w a 3 yo eh? i m 42 with a 2 yo! soooo it can be done at our age w toddlers!!! I have decided to take pre reqs at a community college..... I think?
  5. kgregg


    Missjessica i love your profile pic!!!!! nurse jackie my fav show!!
  6. everytime I read this thread I feel charged up!!! I can do this!!!!!! Thanks to everyone that responded to this post your stories are soooo encouraging!!!!!!
  7. kgregg

    What is the difference between PCT and CNA?

    I was under the impression PCT's replaced the CNA in the hospitals? PCT's have a lil more "schooling" phlebotomy... EKG...
  8. kgregg


    What are the options for a new LPN? other than a Nursing home... where do some of you work?? Thanks!
  9. kgregg

    CNA or NOT?

    Thanks misskay,...
  10. kgregg

    CNA or NOT?

    Thanks mindy!
  11. kgregg

    CNA or NOT?

    @ mvm2 thanks!
  12. kgregg

    CNA or NOT?

    I mentioned a hosp b cause one of the local hospitals is hiring right now for med techs@ 14/ hr Southside Regional Medical Center... in VA..
  13. kgregg

    CNA or NOT?

    I was under the impression that cnas made 8-12 too? My friend makes 14$ as a cna in NY tho.... im using the cna as a stepping stone ONLY.... have no intentions of workin in a nursing home..,None! I do personal care and Adls in a grouphome setting for 4 individuals MR/DD..have done this kinda work for 20 yrs...(human svs)....just want the certification cna...so i can do med tech at say a hospital... thanks for your input! yea.., i will b studying for thenTEAS in the meantime.......
  14. kgregg

    CNA or NOT?

    Recently decided to do a CNA program here in VA...came to this decision because 2 of the LPN programs I am interested in are no longer accepting apps for 2012:cry:...I am a DSA Direct Care Associate in a group home and AMAP certified... Medication Administration Certified... I can pass meds in a group home setting only... took a 40hr class..ok..been contemplating become a LPN for mos! never wanted to do the CNA cause i thought there was NO money in it? Well I asked around and a few ppl told me CNA's make 12-15/hr Reely? Ok I could live off that while working towards my LPN? For those of you who are CNA's is it physically demanding the way some ppl say? i FOUND A CNA program in Chesterfield for 950 6 weeks? is that reasonable? my plans are to also to take the boards for MED tECH.. I have worked 2 jobs for as long as I can remember..I just wanna work ONE job. I just want some honest feedback on what I can expect once I become a CNA. Thanks Folks!
  15. DONT be discouraged...at community colleges they require you do pre-reqs... takes a lil longer but Ive been told its not so badd! Im older Im older (43) I wont g that route only because TIME is of the essence... will probably end up going to a Specialize school... where most LPN programs are done full time in about 14 mos...
  16. kgregg

    Time Management and other Helpful tips please.

    im in the same situation... Ive been told to do alot of PRAYING!:uhoh21: