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I have a couple interviews for PCT positions, but I have no idea what to expect as a salary. I am a student nurse in NE FL. Please tell me where you live, your experience, and how much you make. I... Read More

  1. by   Poi Dog
    I live somewhere on the Pacific Ocean and I make diddly squat/hour
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  2. by   maxcat
    I may have posted on this a long time ago, but anyways, I make a base rate of $11.50ish per hour. $2 for weekends, $1 for evening, $3 for night. So on a weekend night, you are at $16.50. And $1/hour if you take a call in or heavy duty shifts (working short). It's not horrendous, here.... in western CO. LPNs start at $18...not much more than the CNAs!
  3. by   DreamyEyes
    I make $14.75 an hour on nights in the NH/MA area. This is in assisted living.
  4. by   NENE RN
    I'm a mst/pca in Columbus ohio. I ve been on the job for 3 years 11.20/hr prn.
  5. by   VanLpn
    I worked in LTC making $21.50 an hour plus 10% instead of benefits. I hated it and took a pay cut as a pych tech. Now I get 18.36 an hour plus 10% instead of benefits. I cannot imagine doing this work for 9 busks an hour. I worked at starbucks and made that and it was way less stress. Vancouver is a pricey place to live so salaries are higher than a place like Iowa. An RN starts out at almost $30 an hour base salary here for compasison.
  6. by   hsienko
    when i prn cover cna shifts, i get 7.52$/hour with no benefits. I generally pass on the opportunity to do this.
  7. by   turnforthenurse
    I used to work as a PCNA (patient care nursing assistant) and also a NT (nurse tech).

    Northeastern Ohio

    PCNA: $11.50/hour + $1 shift differential. PRN, no benefits. If you worked part-time or full-time your pay was lower but you would get benefits.

    NT: $10.77/hr + $0.50 shift differential. All NT's were hired on a PRN basis, no benefits. By the time I resigned (because I was relocating) I was making $11.27/hr.
  8. by   Little Miss Coffee
    Just got offered a job in CT and was told my pay would be $12/hour for 32 hours/week.
  9. by   akanini
    In my facility, the CNAs make $15.96 an hour. LTC. Brooklyn, NY
  10. by   Nurse_Diane
    PCTs/CNAs are tremendously important in healthcare... I respect my CENAs, they are my eyes and ears.

    You are ALL underpaid.. But I at least hope most of you are appreciated.:redpinkhe

    Diane, RN
  11. by   Jhely06182009
    I just got an offer in a post acute in Atlanta Ga.The pay is $ 9.25 with no experience;I feel so disappointed.I will take it while looking for another cna job.
  12. by   adam henson
    i wrk in mich. as an na. not cna or pct. & i make 15.75 an hr. + insurnace + rembursement for school up to 1600 a sumester. + 401k u should get a lot more then me.
  13. by   Lynx25
    The CNA's at our LTC make barely over min wage.

    They are highly underpaid, and extremely overworked... and they wonder why we can't keep the good ones!