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nursynurseRN has 12 years experience and specializes in TELEMETRY.

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  1. nursynurseRN

    What are you good at?

    Leech therapy! I always get those suckers to latch on!
  2. What is this nurse did it on her lunch break??? I don't see anything wrong with it, it's like reading a book on your lunch or break.
  3. In the inland empire in Southern California the lowest I've seen is 25 per hour for new grads
  4. nursynurseRN

    Job Advice in Riverside/San Bernardino Area

    I hear chino valley pays about 27 an jour for a 3 year RN and they go on a scale that is non negotiable, while arrowhead pays about 32 for the same experience.... Just my 2 cents...
  5. nursynurseRN

    Who actually likes nursing??

    I think I still like nursing. One of my favorite things to do is feeding the patient, I like opening their food setting up their tray and if they need to be spoonfed I like to do that too. It's one of my favorite things of nursing. I also enjoy hanging blood, hanging TPN looking at their labs and making sure their electrolytes are not imbalance and then if they are, calling the doctor to get them replaced. I like combing and washing a patient hair who haven't been washed in weeks. I particularly like shaving and cutting people's hair that needs to it. So what do I hate about nursing? Demanding patients, demanding supervisors, rude people, and attitude problems. If we didn't have to deal with all the attitude of extra paperwork I think we'd all be a lot happier. I almost forgot, I also enjoy giving people their PRN medications and seeing them feel more comfortable after I have alternated medications to make them feel better than the previous shift that hasn't been able to get them more comfortable. Just a couple things I still love about my job.
  6. nursynurseRN

    Dropping off my resume advice needed

    I would ask to speak to the hiring manager and tell them how interested you are.
  7. nursynurseRN

    Do you cut corners in your daily nursing practice?

    If nurses didn't cut corners then everything we did would never be on time and there would always be overtime...., I think cutting corners on small things is ok, it's the big things we need to worry about not cutting corners.
  8. nursynurseRN

    How would you deal with this situation re:narcotics?

    Find another job, if something goes Down you will be held responsible.
  9. nursynurseRN

    Charting in HH

    I can equate hh charting like doing a complete initial assessment each time, plus adding in all the teaching u have to chart. It is computerized by it still can be time consuming. I take about 30 min per patient to chart.
  10. nursynurseRN

    Office/Clinic setting staff morale

    We have a great morale were we work, mostly because our managers have a great sense of humor!!!
  11. nursynurseRN

    Giving iv meds through running line

    I don't dilute if there is a running iv
  12. nursynurseRN

    Should I go salary or stay pay per visit??

    I think that u can make more per patient or hourly, but if u want to be safe I would take salary.
  13. nursynurseRN

    Just got accepted!

    Just got accepted into a FNP program. So excited! Any tips for me from anyone on what to except, how to handle school and work, stuff to look out for? Plain old suggestions? Starting in February 2013. Thanks for any input'many input
  14. nursynurseRN

    What would you have done?

    I think what you did was right, only thing I would do is tell the patients the doctors plan and see if he agreed with you about the pain and how the pain meds were much more then he needed for the pain level, then if the patient agreed I would chart pt refused just to cover yourself. If the patient wanted the pain med then I would call the doctor and say the pt pain was only 3 and you didn't feel comfortable giving it. Just cause by not giving it and so something happens it will come back to haunt you.
  15. nursynurseRN

    New to home health

    Well I think it was a very flexible job. Gave me a lot if room to run errands in between patients. Big problem I found for me is that now your on their turf. Not like in the hospital, it's not like they are at your mercy. If they don't want to see you then they don't in home health. I find the problematic patients more difficult in hh then in the hospital. No back up either, you are on your own. It's had many pros and cons but if it works for your lifestyle then go for it.
  16. nursynurseRN

    New to home health

    If its per diem hh you probably won't make enough money. Just because it seems like most agency's pay per visit and most of the time you will only see about half the patients you are assigned. That has been my experience.