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Just got accepted!

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Just got accepted into a FNP program. So excited! Any tips for me from anyone on what to except, how to handle school and work, stuff to look out for? Plain old suggestions? Starting in February 2013. Thanks for any input'many input

Just wanted to say Congratulations!!!!!

And be organized. That way you can juggle school and work.

Good luck!


Time management is vital. :)

Agreed, time management is key! I am sure you know this from undergrad, but it is especially important to keep in mind in grad school.

Also I think that if you are doing the program full time then it will be hard to work full time. I know people who did it, but they did not have a life outside of work and school...not saying that even if you do work part time and do school full or part time that you will feel like you have a life, but at least you won't have AS limited time to get things done. Either way, that is why having EXCELLENT time management skills is essential!

I personally, went to school part time and worked basically full time hours (but was able to have a flexible schedule). It was tough and mentally draining, but well worth it.

Congrats to you and good luck in your studies!!!