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89.8% that what my final score ended up being for the semester. My school does NOT round up! So I end up with a "B" for my first semester of nursing school. I know thats good, but 2/10 of a point IS SO AGGRAVATING!

:( :( :( :( :(


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Oy.... now that would just irk me too!

But hey, unlike your school on this BB we round up..... and a 90% is pretty dang good!!!! Congrats!!!



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Thanks Dawn - I feel better now! :kiss


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Aw--here's a cigar, Ann--you done good! :)


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Pat yourself on the back regardless - that's a great score!


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Better to have a 89.88 than a failing grade! You will come to that...where you don't feel the need for A's. I gave up my 4.0 2nd semester nursing. Now, I just want to pass.

You're lucky. An 89 is a B at our school. A's don't start until 94.

Good luck to you!! You will do super!


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I would give you the A. How frustrating.


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Originally posted by Stargazer

Aw--here's a cigar, Ann--you done good! :)


Some fine lookin' cigars I must say - and I don't even smoke!:smokin:


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ann, congratulations of the completion of the semester! my school does not round either.


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The end of 5th semester is tommorow and I am taking a nursing theory medicine/patho final. My term mark is 83% and I need a 40% on the exam to get a passing grade of 65% or a C. I agree with other posters I just want to pass and am not concerned with GPA. Once I pass this one it is on to semester 6 which is clinical consolidation with a preceptor and then thank god the END.


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Congratulations! Sounds like you deserve some cigars to me! Yeah!



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Congradulations and way to go !!

A "B" is great !:)

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