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hey beezy,

I need to ask you something. if you could email me @ [email protected]


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hey dallas, how are the courses going so far? i stay in dallas also


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I will be starting in October '14. It would be great to know some of my classmates.


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Considering that there us no fb for ccn fnp that has been found how many are interested in creating one for support, maybe selling of books, and for helping each other through out the program?


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There is a FB group, it's called Chamberlain College of Nursing MSN FNP.


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Hi Bee Gee RN

Are you still enrolled at Chamberlain? If so, how is it going? What are your thoughts of the program? You debated going to Maryville but opted for Chamberlain. May I ask why? I was thinking of applying to both. Any info would be greatly appreciated. :-)



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Hi everyone! I know this post was started a while back but how are things going for everyone? How are things for those that have doubled up on classes? How short is your term going to be because of this? I am in the Tampabay area and I am looking to Start on March 2!

Your input is appreciated! Hope everyone is doing great :)


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Hi there!

I am currently in my 3rd session and this is my 2nd time doubling. So far it is not bad if you have great time management skills! It's a lot of work! However, I did speak with admissions and they said they have done a curriculum re evaluation and are now requiring students to sign and submit a waiver to double courses, and then it will get approved/denied by the dean. Doubling 3 times will cut 6 months off of the degree plan. PM for more questions!!


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Bee Gee did you decide to continue with the FNP program at CCN. I started this past March 2014. I was just wondering how it was going for you!


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Hello Everyone,

I heard CCN is a very good school. I'm just curious about the patho/pharm classes? Do you take the exams online? Thanks.


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Hey all,

I'm at Chamberlain too for my MSN-FNP, I started on July 7, 2014 as well. I took NR 500 then doubled and am finished advanced research and policy now. I will be taking epidemiology and advanced role in Jan then patho and Pharm then the advanced assessment and then clinical. How is it going for everyone? I am nervous about learning all we have to know for the NP role in such a short time because I don't feel these first 6-7 classes are really teaching us that. I know we need these courses and I have learned from each one, but I am just hoping once clinical starts it will all fall into place and I will pick up the role quickly. How is everyone else doing in the classes?


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