Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!


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i just came across your post and i live in MA... I wanted to start FNP in Chamberlain, but i found it difficult getting a preceptor here in Boston! DId you start the program and were you able to find a preceptor? Please PM me if you can thank you!


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how did you pass the exit exam. I have bad test anxiety. I did great on the QA bank questions and I have purchased 3 predictor exams and passed them all. I got a 65 on the test in June. Any suggestions? I have to take it again soon.



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Hello, this may be a little bit late, as I just joined the group, but NR503 is pretty hard (in my opinion). I am an Infection Prevention nurse, so I thought this class was going to be easy for me because this is what I deal with on a day-to-day basis. Yes, it does have a lot of statistical computations in it. Good luck to you, if you haven't already taken it.