Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!

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I'm very excited as I just got my acceptance call! I was wondering if anyone else around here would be starting Oct 28th? I'd like to keep in touch to help each other out through this!

I've been a nurse for 8yrs and always knew I'd go back eventually....decided to pull the trigger a few weeks ago and apply. Now just need to get together some supplies and order my books! (going to buy a desk and make my little zen study area!)

good luck everyone!


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Hi BeeGeeRN! It's nice to meet another Chamberlain student! I just started the program earlier this month. Congrats on getting in!! :)


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Congratulations, that is great news!! Glad you were able to start in Oct. I am still deciding where to go and also thinking about where to create the 'zen area' with a desk as well. I have a feeling that my laptop on my bed or the couch isn't going to work out for studying haha. We have a desk and computer in the living room but the kids are always doing stuff on it and its noisy out there with the tv and especially our parrot imitating the kids and the tv LOL.


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I will be starting the FNP program at Chamberlain in October with you. I can't wait!! Maybe we can keep in touch.


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I saw your message but I can't PM yet. PM me your email and I can email you my input on everything.


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Thanks for the info guys, I am actually looking around trying to find a school and the process on becoming an NP.


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I've also applied to Chamberlain FNP, anxiously awaiting to hear back from them!!

how's the program going, want to start in jan


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Is there any input that any of you can share with the rest of us in regards to the FNP at CCN? I know that some of you started with the first October class, your experiences and input will be much appreciated!

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Congrats on your acceptance, will be taking NR503 in Jan what's your first class?


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Long story short, I was accepted to start first of november but bc of some state requirements for clinicals (apparently Chamberlain was missing some paperwork) I decided to hold off on starting until it was resolved (I didnt want to assume it would get fixed and later find out it didn't, then try to transfer around, no thanks!) Since then, everything is in order and I'm now starting Jan 6th :) hope to "see" some of you guys in class with me! I'm super nervous bc I haven't been in school in 9 years...and even then we used MLA formatting for papers. I hope i can get the hang of APA quickly. I was also accepted to Maryville but after much debate/prayer/conversations with my husband, i've decided to attend Chamberlain......

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