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  1. NurseMaricel

    Potassium question...

    That's what I was thinking for 3.4, check what it was yesterday... if there's a sudden drop what was he/she on to cause the drop? Is it a renal pt? But over all there's no rush. It is not critically low.
  2. I filed my CDS yesterday, and on the website it states "processing 4-6 weeks." How soon did you guys received your CDS? Thank you.
  3. NurseMaricel

    NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    I'm going to Newark today. Thank you.
  4. NurseMaricel

    New Jersey: Time to receive APN license?

    Oh, but I received a confirmation from ANCC that they mailed my verification on September 5. I passed on September 1st, and requested for verification on September 3rd. Yes, they said they wont send any verification to anybody unless it is requested.
  5. NurseMaricel

    Njbon i need my anp license # help

    I filed my ANP license to NJBON in June, I graduate in July 2017, processed everything, paid all the required fees etc. The only thing that was missing is me passing the boards. September 1st I passed ANCC FNP Board Exam. ANCC sent my verification to NJBON on September 5, 2017. It's been 2 weeks and my status is still pending. When I called prior to taking the test on August 24, I was told to call them 3-7 days after passing the boards for my License #. I have a job waiting and I hate to lose it because of me not getting my License #. Is there any way to get hold to the NJBON (not the customer service) and expedite the process? Thank you.
  6. NurseMaricel

    NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    What is the email address?
  7. NurseMaricel

    ANCC EXAM 2017

    Hi, I am sorry that you failed the first time, do it again soon. I took ANCC on September 1st and passed. I reviewed for 6 weeks, the first 4 weeks I did Hollier videos, Leik book, Leik App, Board Vitals, FNP Mastery and the APEA QBank. Then August 17 purchased Fitzgerald online, did it from August 17-31. I recommend Fits Non-clinical's but since I can not access the non-clinical part (last section of the lecture), I was forced to do the review from the very beginning, then was forced to follow Fitz "knowledge is power." I used the QBanks as a reward after each system. That 6 weeks of review include 3 days a week shift for 12 hours. I am just glad it is over. My advise, build on your knowledge, use Qbanks after each system. Do not rely fully on qBanks, it will bite you back. Once you know your material, whatever question you'll have you will be able to answer it. Prayer to calm my nerves also helped. I was so focused during the test, and was excited to submit "end of exam" and was telling my self, "I will walk out that door an NP," and it works. Goodluck.
  8. NurseMaricel

    Failed ANCC FNP certification exam

    I'm sorry to hear that. How did you prepare for the test? I did Hollier, APEA qbank, Leik book, Leik app, boards vitals and Fitzgerald online review and passed ANCC last September 1st. I spent 2 months preparing for this test. In between that 2 mos is work 3 days an week 12 hour shift and family of course.
  9. NurseMaricel

    Failed ANCC FNP certification exam

    You probably passed the boards by now. I took the exam last September 1st and passed. I did Hollier review and APEA qbank, board vitals, FNP mastery, Leik book and Leik app for Q&A, then bough Fitzgerald online review, did it from august 17-31. Then took the test immediately right after finishing fitz and passed on first attempt (ANCC). Fitz non-clinical part is awesome, for the clinical aspect I owed it to Hollier videos. Goodluck.
  10. NurseMaricel

    ANCC FNP Certification

    Hello, I recently passed the ANCC FNP Certification exam on first attempt (Thanks God!), I wonder how long it would take for ANCC to process the certification. I can't make a call, I'm overseas right now. Taking my chance here for any information. Thank you.
  11. NurseMaricel

    Chamberlain FNP program

    kpnurse16, Thank you for sharing your experience with us. My papers is still on process. Will start in November, hopefully. Maria
  12. NurseMaricel

    Chamberlain FNP program

    Hi, how's the FNP so far? I am starting in November. Trying to get info from former/current student of Chamberlain doing the same. Thanks.
  13. NurseMaricel

    Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!

    Thanks for the info guys, I am actually looking around trying to find a school and the process on becoming an NP.
  14. NurseMaricel

    How to become a Nurse Practioner?

    I've been googling around info on which path to take to become an NP. I'll be done with my BSN in March 2013 and I don't wan to stop. Question: What path should I take to become an NP? Thanks.
  15. NurseMaricel

    New Grad Job Market: A Game of Chance

    So true, agree 100%. You have to build up yourself and be around with people you wanna work with. I did the same thing, and the hospital where I worked as PCT while in nursing school gave me a job as a Cardiac Nurse and I am loving it!
  16. NurseMaricel

    New Grad Job Market: A Game of Chance

    Our training is 6-8 weeks only. I wish its 6 months, but you'll get bored.