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  1. lmcollierRN

    Chamberlain College of Nursing-FNP...accepted!!!

    Hello, Bee Gee did you decide to continue with the FNP program at CCN. I started this past March 2014. I was just wondering how it was going for you!
  2. lmcollierRN

    chamberlain college of nursing MSN-NP

    what class are you presently taking?
  3. lmcollierRN

    Chamberlain College Of Nursing- FNP program

    I am currently taking Advanced Research Methods. How is it going with your class?
  4. lmcollierRN

    Chamberlain College Of Nursing- FNP program

    good morning hope all is well. I was wondering how was the FNP program going at chamberlain college. I am currently taking some classes. I am currently in the Advanced Research Class.
  5. I have currently started the NP program at Chamberlain College of Nursing I received my BSN degree from there. I loved the school at that time. I was wondering is there anyone out there working on there NP degree there any thoughts and insights on the program.