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I'm a third year nursing student in Alberta Canada and I am learning by way of CBL - Context Based Learning. I was wondering if anyone else had heard of it and what they thought?

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it is complete and utter CRAP


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Don't hold back, seven, tell us how REALLY feel!!

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I'm an old nurse, I don't even know what CBL is.

repeats self.....

it's crap





Yep, did 4 years of nursing school this way. Honestly, I feel like I was cheated out of an education! (It could be because we were the "guinea pigs" but still... it was very, very bad).

Well, CBL stands for Context Based Learning. Insteead of the instructor getting up in front of you and lecturing about pathophysiology, pharmacology, family, nursing management and everything else, each in their separate courses, we put it all together! We will get a certain "scenario" about someone with a disease, and they all have certain family dynamics and the works. A group of students picks apart the scenario and decides what needs to be researched. Then they all split the topics, go research their part, and bring it back to the group. The intructor is now a "facilitator" who just helps us along throught this process. I don't mind CBL for things like family, management, and nursing models, but as far as patho, drugs, and disease is concerned, I would love to have real courses! I walk into the hospital feeling unprepared. The problem with CBL is that you learn to apply the disease to a certain scenario, and it's not as generalized as I feel it should be. But this is just my opinion...

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Hmmm, sounds like crap.

And what did you need the "instructors" for?

CBL........uhmmm....I think I'll ask my school if the curriculum in the nursing courses is CBL.

I actually get alot out of tutoring the other students. There's nothing like being responsible for putting the material together so someone else will learn what you know, but that's study group, and I'm getting most of my materials from the instructor.

Do you have textbooks, or do you have to find a publisher too:D ...............ok, ok, just kidding.

Really, it seems useful to me, but for the entire course?.......I have'nt seen it in action myself, but it seems lazy on the instructors part.:rolleyes: ...............until it comes to grading them. I would think it would be hell to grade:o

Thank you for posting this. I really had no idea that I might want to look out for that.

I hope that you find a way to make it very useful for your own style of learning.


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It certainly sounds like crap.:rolleyes:

feels so gosh darn validated!

hey, adrena, if you don't mind me asking, where did you go to school?

and why is alberta so obsessed with this cbl crap?

(i'm an alberta student too)

i'm thinking about quitting...i've done this once already but returned...i just don't know....

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