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  1. seven

    What's your favorite nursing book? (Non textbook)

    Suzzane Gordan? what has she written? (obviously i haven't managed to read every nurse book out there, lol)
  2. seven

    The old saying about Religion and Politics

    lololol....i adore you, mario.
  3. seven

    What are you doing on X-mas break?

    thinking, thinking, and maybe some more thinking
  4. seven

    What do we do with an "Imperfect" nurse?

    granted, there is some substantial issues that need to be looked at/resolved....but i do think it is intresting that i've only read one or two posts saying "good for you for admitting your mistakes and trying to become a better nurse"...i think that ...
  5. seven

    My good news, i wanted to share :)

    wooooohooooooooo! congrats! X2
  6. just wondering--phys. ed? Christianity? ecology of healthcare? are these electives or core nsg courses? (if they are somehow core courses, damn, my school is really missing some stuff, lol) hey pkmom? i've taken med micro and it was a tough cla...
  7. seven

    Alone or in a Group

    i always (and must) study initally on my own, till i understand exactly what i think i will need to, inside and out. then, and only then, do i do any group study...find it helpfull to be able to verbalize to renenforce (and as i am usually the one wh...
  8. do i detect a little resentment here? perhaps a little sarcasm?
  9. seven

    female salaries

    that whole thing about female nurses earning less than male nurse chaps my butt! i first read about this in my intro soci book (am a nsg student)and was utterly shocked...even more shocked when the majority of my fellow nsg students didn't seem th...
  10. seven

    Need a reminder why I'm doing this!!

    beats me why you are doing it....i can't even remember why i am....in fact i think i'm not....
  11. seven

    Most consecutive 12's worked in a row?

    WHAT?? 40-60 12's?? that is obscene...i am a nsg student, young, in good health and that scares the crap out of me as a future nurse and as one of your potential patients (hey, who knows?).... am i alone in this? aggggghhhhhhhh!
  12. seven

    Do you care?

    have i mentioned lately how much i haaaatttteee CBL?
  13. I'm a second year BScN student and I'm writting a paper for a Sociology class (senior elective) about feminism and nursing. I've found plenty of academic info about the subject, but I'm looking for some 'real' opinions...So, whatcha think? Do yo...
  14. seven

    Nursing Superstitions!

    k, i've got the Q word....but please, sombody tell the student what the S word means....
  15. seven

    I'm scared!!

    ...um, i think it is perfectly fine (not to mention normal) to be scared....the positive part can't hurt though...
  16. seven


    i don't trust faculty when they tell me that the missed content won't show up on an exam and then it does, and you can bet it will show up in practice....suprisingly enough, lol