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RN for 11 years,rad RN for 3 years

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  1. Toddlers and babes....

    I work 5 days a week, 8-12 hour shifts (lots of OT) my husband stays at home with the kids and does all the housework. It really is a mutual decision, each of us went with our strengths and learned to live without a few convienences. I think if at al...
  2. Hello out there!!

    Hi there and welcome, we need more rad nurses to come here. Our prehydration is 1 liter of .9 NS over 2 hours prior to the exam, and 1 liter over 2 hours after the exam. Our post angiograms go to the short-stay unit after hemostasis is achieved, and ...
  3. Hello out there!!

    frann, the best website I have found is SCVIR.org (society of cadiovascular interventional radiologists) or RSNA.org good luck. another place to look is ARNA.net(anerican radiological nurses association) Anne
  4. Help/advice, please

    sorry don, don't know anything about sivh. we do use steriotactic radiology for breast biopsies, highky effective with minimal discomfort for the patient. Anne
  5. dialysis after contrast in crf

    We make ever attempt to dialize patients after contrast due to the high probability of pulmonary edema. Their nephrologist is usually involved therefore we recieve no problems from our inhouse dialysis unit. Anne
  6. Hello out there!!

    hey everyone!!!! I hate vertebroplasies too. we do a lot of dialysis stuff, declots, cath placements, we also do embolizations, vertebroplasties, picc lines angio (everything but the heart) i do all the pediatric sedation in radiology. Frann, i think...
  7. When did you first feel like a "real" nurse?

    The first time I felt like a real nurse---0200 patient no code holding her hand as she slipped away.
  8. Smokers

    frann- facilities are getting big money to become smoke free. I am a smoker(and i don't care who knows it) I am a good nurse. I get 2 10 min breaks and a30 min lunch period. I don't like to be away from my job longer that 10 min. I take 5 10 min brea...
  9. When nurses have bad dreams

    welcome to the wonderful world of interventional radiology. usually no urine--foley that is but plenty of big confused patients.
  10. Binge Drinking

    This is a very emotional thread for me. I lost a sister in law to drinking last year. She was a binge drinker. The subject ot ETOH was never really important to me before this happened. I think any of us that have a positive family history, stress (N...
  11. I have been a nurse for 12 years and I belong to the American Radiology Nurses Association. I find it very valuable for advice and venting. As well as helping me to be up to date on procedures done in other parts of the country.
  12. Need advice

    st4304- I currently work in a special procedures lab. The fact is---it's their turf. I don't agree with it, but it is. The administration wanted the RN's in specials to just circulate a few years ago---that changed drastically with the rad tech short...
  13. Hello out there!!

    Hey, this is radnurse.... I check it too!!!!!! Where did everybody go? I would love to talk to another radnurse!!!!! What is the topic of conversation? DIALYSIS???? Nice but Slow interventionalists? NO LUNCH? You name it I can discuss it. Hope to hea...
  14. another jolly assignment

    I have a few memorable experiences for my days as a floor nurse on a telemety unit--- 1) Lady who barricated herself in her room with a chair up against the door. When we finally got in, found her hiding behind another chair. Asked her what she was d...
  15. Bullied in Report

    sleepy, When I started nursing around oh.....12 years ago there was a PIA like the one you described on the floor. I remember I cried the first few months I worked there because she would harrass me so badly in report. One day I told her all pertinen...