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Thank you for clicking on my post. I am so glad I found this site. Here's a little about myself. I am 31 years old married + 3kids. I currently work in accounting and pursuing my degree at the UOP for Buisness. I chose that because I was already in the business of accounting. But recently I've really had to think of that is what I really wanted to in cubicles, stare at a computer, and climb the corporate ladder. And, really that did not interest me:yawn:. So now I have considered nursing RN:nurse:. Since I'm already enrolled at the UOP I just changed my program to Health Administarion and will be taking my Pre-Req's at a CC.

My question is if anyone has experienced swithching your career path in the middle of a school program. I am excited about starting my new career but I am literally starting something new. I am very excited though. Any advise or similiar experiences would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hello Marlene!

We are the same age with the same amount of kiddo's! I'm married with three daughters. I didn't change my career path in the middle of school but I did return to college at 28. I did 3 semesters at a CC before getting into a nursing school. Just started this January and excited. I've wanted to do nursing since birth I think, lol. Something I always wanted but could never get my hands on. I started my family young and after having my last child at 27 I decided it was my time. So I'm done with having babies and am now working on ME and what I want :)

Good luck!


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I am 19 and sorta recently switched my major from Business to Nursing. Right now I am taking Anatomy. The only pre nursing science class outof the 3. Can't say I am enjoying it because it's so difficult. I dunno if I can handle it with my BUsiness courses. You might think why Im taking BUsiness courses along with Anatomy. It's because just in case I lose interest in nursing. Im still in the exploring mode.


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Hi! I didn't change my career path while I was in school, I waited and climbed the corporate ladder for almost 6 years before deciding that it just wasn't for me and I decided to become an RN. I had thought of changing while I was in school the first time around but I had invested so much time in the degree that I have and the nursing students really intimidated me. (those kids studied WAY more than I did :typing) So I finished and worked in the corporate world for many years LOVING :heartbeat:redbeathe:heartbeat the job that I did for a really long time. When my little girl was born I decided to go back and get the RN degree that I had wanted several years earlier, I never want to wonder "what if?" :nurse:

Good luck to you!


first, thanks to everyone that has replied . i have noticed one thing on this thread that there are a lot of people that are changing careers and that age doesn't matter.

this website has helped me so much in being able to come to a decision on 'how' i can take the path of becoming a rn.

i was so lost, like i had mentioned i had no idea where to's not like you can just sign up. but, thankfully someone on this website recommened citrus college the lvn program. at first i was skeptical on becoming a lvn first, but since i have none of the pre-req's that is needed for the rn degree plus it's going to take me as much time to complete my pre-req's. i'd rather go straigt into the lvn program and transfer to a adn-rn program. :lol2:finally a sense of direction:lol2:

so now i just need to fill out my registration application at citrus college and take the schools assestment program and off i go. :yeah:

thank you everyone!! much l:redbeatheve!!

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Good luck to you. I know that it's a tough decision to go back to school but once you get going you'll enjoy even more this time around.

I'm 35 yrs old and started back to school this spring. So far I have been truly enjoying my experience then when I went to college....way back when.

I went into the social service field, similar but sooo different. But i knew that I really wanted to get a nursing degree, so here i am. Taking general chem and bio currently and so far so good. A lot of work but well worth everything i'm working towards.

I wish you the best with your journey!

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Well, here's some encouragement, lol....I completed my first bachelor's degree in '99 and started work in the IT field....after 2 layoffs at my Fortune 500 company, I decided it was time for something else (already) and started taking prereqs for nursing.

I am 52 and will be graduating with my ADN this May. Age has not been an issue in school nor in the hospitals. I was accepted for a student nurse internship last summer in a specialty area of the hospital and believe me, you are far from being "old" in this field!!

I am actually from your area -- lived off of Grove & 60 for 15 years prior to our move to the midwest and used to work for your fine P.D.!!

Best wishes!! It sounds like you have a good plan and now just need to push forward!! Good luck!!


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Sinlge mom of 3 here. Started nursing career(LVN) at age 31. Was a second career for me. I did have non clinical health care experience though. Pursuing my LVN to RN BSN now. I do not have any advice on the swicth in shcool, but nursing can definately be a 2nc career.


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Boy am I glad I click on this post!

I JUST joined allnurses yesterday. I am trying to get into a nursing program in my area after being in school for a while. I am about to turn 23, and after working in banking and going to school for political science, I releazed that I probably would never really be happy unless I was helping people. My mother wants me to go to medical school and be a doctor, but I really want to spend time with people, and know them. I have decided that I am going to get my CNA through the red cross at the end of march, and try to get a job at the childrens hospital by my house. I am not going to start nursing school untill next fall however. I am a semster an a half away from my assoicates degree, and promised my parents I would finish that incase I need something to fall back on. I can also get the prereq's that I don't have done finshed before I apply.

I just quit my job today so that I can deal with some personal health issues, as well as a close friends health issues. I'm jumping in headfirst!

Any advice for this newbie? :wink2:

You shouldn't worry too much about changing your major while in school. I sure wish I had!:selfbonk:

I too felt like I had already invested too much into my business degree to change majors before I graduated.

I think that my business degree may help me later in my career if I should be interested in administration, maybe. And it definitely taught me how to be a better student, and that will no doubt help me in nursing school. But sometimes I feel like it was just a waste of time. If only I was more focused on what I really wanted - then. Now I'm sort of paying for it because I'm no longer eligible for some financial aid outlets that would have been available to me as an undergrad. Oh well!

I am 30 now, married + kids, and back in school working on a nursing degree! I am so excited, but I only wish I could have started earlier. Good for you realizing what you want. The time it took you to realize it - doesn't really matter.:up:

Good luck to you!


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I am not exactly changing careers, as much as going back to a former career. I worked as a Medical Assistant for over 5 years, went to school for Social Services (AD); worked in that area for many years; went back to school for BS in Social Work. Half way through, I decided I didn't want to be a Social Worker, but wanted to finish. So, I did. I was going to go to MA program (because I was trained on the job) and wanted to get Certified. Looking at the salaries though, I decided against it. I have really wanted to be a nurse my whole life, and have started before; but stopped for various reasons. I only need nine classes for LPN; and 3 to start Nursing courses in RN. I am going to see an advisor next week to change my program to RN. The first two semesters are identical to LPN; so I will be able to take NCLEX-PN after that and then finish to get RN.


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You are definately not alone. I am 30 and work for a broker/dealer full-time (50 hours with commute included) I actually like my job working with stocks and bonds but it's just not enough, its not rewarding enough, and I want to help people. I have two young children and have to work full-time to cover expenses and I carry our insurance. I have just changed my major and scheduled my first science of 4 I have to take before starting the evening nurse program. I am right there with you and have no idea how I will manage but I am willing to try. The hard part will be mon-thurs not even seeing the kids and any other free time consuming it with studying. And doing this while maintaining my normal job that they do not know I am pursueing a career change. Just thinking about it is giving me a headache but I f I wait I'll never do it and the in the end the outcome will be so rewarding. I just wish i knew someone that has done it already. Being a mom, 50 hour workweek plus school... Good Luck to you just try to keep your eye on the prize! :bugeyes:

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