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Jess_Missouri_RN has 3 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg/Bariatrics.

I'm Jess

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  1. Jess_Missouri_RN

    LPN/RN ...Is it all the same? Please Advise!

    I went straight to med/surg with 8 weeks orientation as a new grad. I find only new grads get a good orientation. If you've been a nurse for awhile, they throw you out there. Fortunatly I have been lucky with my two jobs. Leaving bedside after 2 years I went to home health and spent 4 weeks with a nurse before receiving a light caseload and sent off on my own. When I think of nursing and how bad it can be I encompass all of us and itbcan suck at any given time regardless of the degree. Like someone else posted, different degree, pay, and whatever but same BS.
  2. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Tired of Hearing the One Year Experience Required Line!!

    I am a graduate from a diploma school (only one in my state) and it was easy for me to land a job. Since the school is hospital based they (the hospital) hires the new grads! I graduated in 2010 and spent 2 years on a med-surg floor and now work in a geriatric/senior clinic and enjoy it very much. Back in school for my BSN and it continues. I have to disagree with the poster who said clinicals are experience because once you get thrown out onto the busy floor you realize clinicals are not experience. Its amazing how crazy that first year is because we are all so green and new. I wish I could give all of you struggling a job!! I hate to see so many new grads without a job!
  3. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Considering leaving hospital after new grad internship

    I spent 2 years on a busy med-surg floor as a new grad. Like others have stated even the one year isn't enough anymore. I landed my dream job and I believe my 2 years at the hospital landed me the position. I now work M-F days and make $3 more an hour. No weekends/holidays. Love it, it's clinic work so hang in there! I know med-surg as a new grad. It's hard and stressful but it does get better, I wanted to leave so many times my first year but stuck it out and the second year was a breeze!
  4. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Anyone in the MSN program?

    Yeah, I have read everything I can about the program but had yet to speak to anyone in it. The BSN program is two classes at a time and I find that is doable as I work full time as well. Thanks for responding.
  5. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Anyone in the MSN program?

    Congrats Karen!! I'm considering it but not much info out there on the MSN program yet. I just started the BSN online in July and I like it too. I was looking into the education or healthcare policy track, but I have awhile to think about it.
  6. Jess_Missouri_RN

    hardest part about nursing is finding a job

    Also, check craigslist. Doctors office/clinics post for nurses there and that may be an option for you. If you're not pickey the city of St. Louis jail is hiring and the pay isn't bad. Starts at $24/Hr for RN. The Veterns Home hires new grads and the starting pay is good there too.
  7. Jess_Missouri_RN

    hardest part about nursing is finding a job

    Are you looking for something specific? It's hard right now in St. Louis. Have you tried St. Anthonys, Des Peres, Jefferson Regional Medical Center (which is opening an urgent care this fall) or St. Alexius? All of those hospitals hire new grads. How is your resume? Personally I thought the bigger hospitals were the worst at calling back. The smaller hospitals have better response time and I find are better to work at. I know St. Anthonys and St. Alexius have a shortage of nurses at the moment. I know St. Alexius WILL and DOES hire new grads all the time. Jefferson Regional also hires new grads although their call back time is slow at times too.
  8. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Nurses who never worked in the hospital?

    I don't think hospital experience is a needed experience now as it was in the past. I did go directly to a med-surg floor and spent 2 years and still work PRN (more than I like) and I do believe for me it was a great start. It helped me with organization, prioritizing and time management plus the basic hospital skills. Also I've done a lot of patient teaching. Also, I now work full time in a clinic which my experience on the floor got me there. Depends on where you want to be in the future. Home health also likes med-surg experience. I would like to teach in my future so it will help with the clinical aspect requirement, which is another reason I stayed PRN. I guess it depends more on your future goals. In my case, it did help open doors to other avenues. Good luck!
  9. Jess_Missouri_RN

    How would deal with these type of CNAs?

    It's hard for new grads. I've been out of school and at my hospital for two years. They are testing you, to see how you work, your abilities, and your attitude. I had this happen to me as well and once they saw that I would get knee deep in it with them they accepted me. They know I will help at anytime for any task. If they see me changing a patient they will come in and assist or take over so I can get back to charting or whatever. I answer call lights, change patients, assist to bathroom, etc. They know if I ask them to change so and so it's because I am busy not because it's "not my job". So I have an awesome team, not one CNA to complain about but I do watch them with new nurses and I see they are feeling the person out.
  10. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Did I help or hurt him???? :(

    Good for you! That boy was lucky to have you there. Although I agree with the others that your safety comes first!!! My husband was in a car accident 7 years ago. He was working out of town and was a back seat passenger when he took off his seat belt to lay down and get sleep (and he knew better!!). The next thing he knew he woke up on the highway unable to see anything and in severe pain. He remembers feeling hands all over his body and people talking to him. At one point he remembers being rolled to his side and then taken away in an ambulance. All said and done he shattered his L1 and L2, had two surgeries, rehab and if you saw him today you wouldn't know anything was wrong with him! Aside from a few limitations (standing too long or walking too long) he recovered. I am so grateful to those who assisted him after the accident. My thoughts are he was obviously having trouble breathing or blood coming from his mouth that he was turned to his side. Did this hurt his back more? Who knows, but he is alive and I hate to think if he had remained on his back he would have choked on his blood and not survived. He was 2 hours away from home so by the time I saw him he was a bloody mess so I can imagine what they were thinking. You do what you can when you are thrust into an emergency. Aside from first responders I dont think anyone can prepare for something like that.
  11. Jess_Missouri_RN

    RN-BSN July 2012..

    I am currently in Transitions and Cultural Diversity and my professors in both have been great. I just signed up for English Comp and Health Assessment for September. I usually start my postings on Tuesdays. Each class requires different posting requirements so I just make sure to post on a schedule. Mine is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday's. I work on my projects throughout the week with Friday evening being my submit day. So far it's working for me. I do tend to spend more time on the computer than I had hoped for but if I get on line in the evenings I still get some family time.
  12. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Paramedics rank higher than LPNs?

    Paramedics work in the ED at my hospital and I hold the greatest respect for them. There are two that work the night shift and I find them to be great at patient care and if I ever need an EJ I know who to call!!
  13. Jess_Missouri_RN

    clinic nurse supervisor/no staff

    Can you use agency?
  14. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Anyone in the MSN program?

    I am currently attending the RN to BSN online and would like feedback from others who are currently in the MSN program. How do you like it? Did you bridge from Chamberlain? How are the instructors? I am really enjoying the online BSN program.
  15. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Why IV nursing. What do you like about it?

    I just accepted a job as IV infusion nurse for home health. Curious as to why others enjoy this specialty so much. I haven't started yet but I am so excited to leave the hospital for this specialty!
  16. Jess_Missouri_RN

    Thinking about a career change, will I find a job?

    Wanted to add too that I know of a few hospitals that will hire you for tech work once in the nursing program, which will help you advance once you receive your degree.

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