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PNCC2001 has 21 years experience and specializes in OB, Family Practice, Pediatrics.

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  1. PNCC2001

    Post-Covid: How to Cope

    You're welcome. Slowly but surely. Take the time to do some reading that you've wanted to do. Or learn something new on you tube videos or watch travelogues or learn more about nutrition. This is the perfect time. Before you know it, all of a sudden ...
  2. PNCC2001

    Allergies? Nope! Covid

    I think there are many more false positives than we hear about. Possibly, even many of those that we are told are asymptomatic carriers.
  3. PNCC2001

    Allergies? Nope! Covid

    The other possibility is that you ARE having allergies symptoms, and that the test was a False Positive.
  4. Transgender is not the same as being lesbian or gay. Those are sexual partner choices.. Transgender is a psychiatric/psychological identity disorder; which is being politicized and exploited, rather than being treated for the disorder that it is. ...
  5. PNCC2001

    Are You Really a Nurse?

    You need to read the Wisconsin Statutes again. "'Nurse' without amplification means only a Registered Nurse". 'Licensed Practical' Nurse is an amplification. Wound Care Nurse is an amplification, etc. It does not say that only RNs are nurses. Bu...
  6. PNCC2001

    Is becoming a LPN worth it?

    This is a really old thread. In my area LPNs were phased out of the hospitals and the push has been for BSNs. However, over the last couple of years clinics and doctors offices have started hiring LPNs again, in place of Medical Assistants. The BL...
  7. PNCC2001

    Change in duties at interview

    I have many years of Case Management experience and IMO they are being unrealistic for you to be able to accomplish all of that; and many of those duties are not in the job description of a Case Manager.
  8. PNCC2001

    Dream job but still a few weeks away from taking NCLEX

    Yes apply. It takes employers at least several weeks to start scheduling interviews.
  9. PNCC2001


    O'Net says $16.40 - $29.83/hr. for New York in 2017. 29-2
  10. PNCC2001

    Foreign Nurse with BS willing to work as a LPN

    You should be able to look online for the Nurse Licensing Board in the state where you want to work. They should have information regarding licensing for foreign educated nurses.
  11. PNCC2001

    Help!! PN 2018

    There are a ton of great nursing apps for NCLEX prep.
  12. PNCC2001

    Tell me why an LVN/LPN is a "real nurse"

    In the community college in my area, the LPN program and the first half of the RN program are identical.
  13. PNCC2001

    CNA, CMA, or Phlebotomy before nursing school?

    Many hospitals will train you to be a PCT (Patient Care Tech); if you have your CNA, so your hospitals may not advertise PCTs. So my suggestion would be to get your CNA (which is a requirement anyway for most nursing programs). You will not find any...
  14. PNCC2001

    Mandatory new parent education

    Many state Medicaid programs have Perinatal Care Coordinators that are certified by them who provide in-home pregnancy, nutrition and postpartum education. You also can develop a referral list of Antepartum, Birth and Postpartum Doulas and Monitrice...
  15. PNCC2001

    Prioritizing Nursing Diagnoses

    My thought would be: 1. Risk for bleeding (always a risk postpartum; and a major reason for maternal mortality) 2. Risk for unstable glucose 3. Risk for urinary retention (secondary to spinal anesthesia)