Can RN works as a floor nurse in Nursing home/LTC?

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Hi, I am new here..I've been RN in LTC/Rehab Nursing home for 4 years and never worked in a different setting. Just want to hear your opinions about working as RN floor nurse. in LTC. I m pretty comfortable but some times I am worry about job security like..what's going to happen in the next 20 years If I continue to work as RN in LTC

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I don't imagine you'll find yourself without work in long term care given the increasing needs of care for the baby boomers.

Most likely your role as a RN will change though, and you will act as more than a floor nurse. It seems everyone's scope of practice and roles are gradually increasing to meet healthcare needs.

in Canada, RNs are supervisors and managers in long term care. In my province they are even looking at including basic drug prescription in our scope of practice.

You most likely have a better grasp of job security in LTC than LPN/LVNs. To increase your job security, consider furthering your education and branching out from LTC.

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Since a significant number of nurses perceive LTC/rehab as an undesirable area of nursing that they actively wish to avoid, I do not foresee job security being an issue if you were to remain there.

As long as you are willing to do a job that many other nurses frown down upon, you will almost always be employed.

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You will become a very experienced and marketable LTC RN, even to the level of DON potential....

Thanks for your answer!

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LTCs and SNFs are looking for RNs more and more all to meet the expectations of the 5 star rating system. There will always be a need for RNs.

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Yup, it is currently done everyday, all over! I am an RN at a Skilled Nursing Facility that has plenty of LVNs, and even I work the floor on a daily basis. I do all the things that the LVNs do (med pass, treatments), and in addition, I hang IV medications.

LVN's cannot hang IV medications. Even if they are IV certified, the most they can do is IV starts. For this reason especially, Skilled Nursing Facilities will always need RNs! Further, there is such a great market for RN jobs in SNF because most RNs are flocking elsewhere (e.g. to higher paying jobs and/or jobs with smaller patient ratio). It can be very challenging for SNFs to snag enough RNs.

However, I have found that in some cases, you can make a salary that would be comparable to hospital. This is because in SNF there are always opportunities for extra shifts. In fact, I'm in the middle of working 8 days in a row as we speak!

My earnings are through the roof right now, and working this much is not even all that hard on me because I enjoy it. It's a job I like. I feel very challenged. The shifts go by incredibly fast. I get great exercise while I'm there. I love taking care of my patients, who are like my family. I have fun with my coworkers, and feel comfortable with them. This kind of work gives my life meaning and purpose. I count it a blessing that I get to wake up and do this everyday, and get paid for it! I couldn't ask for a better life.

I'm grateful for the opportunities that SNF provides for RNs. There really are some fantastic facilities out there, you just have to find them.

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LPNs are allowed to hang IV meds in Massachusetts...everything varies from state to state.

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Hello CapeCod,

That's correct, I had forgotten. Thank you!

By the way, I have really enjoyed your posts over the years regarding SNF. Very inspiring and educational for me, since I'm in that field as a new nurse.

Keep up the great work at your facility and on this forum.

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The question is what RN wants to work at a nursing home on the floor? Not many takers!

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Sure but what RN in their right mind wants a pt load of 30 or more sick people?

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