Can RN works as a floor nurse in Nursing home/LTC?

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Hi, I am new here..I've been RN in LTC/Rehab Nursing home for 4 years and never worked in a different setting. Just want to hear your opinions about working as RN floor nurse. in LTC. I m pretty comfortable but some times I am worry about job security like..what's going to happen in the next 20 years If I continue to work as RN in LTC

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Rarely do you see an RN work a nursing floor, they may start there but will soon leave! Even now they cannot get the LPNs to put up with such deplorable conditions! Nursing homes short staff on purpose and really do not care about anyone but corporate shareholders! The only RNs needed are the head supervisors. They will work they LPNs to death until they leave! Being a nurse in LTC sucks!

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Nursing homes cannot keep cnas let alone nurses! What Dreamland are you from, nursing homes only hire an RN to work the floor so they can force the LPNs to care for high acuity pts. It is that simple that RN is not in charge! The unit manager who is almost always an LPN is, and being an RN means nothing to LTC but more profits for corporate. They may need that token RN to admit high acuity pts. but the LPN  seriously overworked will be doing their care!

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Of course RNs can work the floor in a nursing home. The last 6 places I ran (I travel) preferred to have RNs since it boosts the 5 Star rating.

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Sure but what RN wants to do that! Run as fast as you can!

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There are plenty of worthless office RNs in nursing homes. They never work or help on the floor they just come to tell you to work harder and take on more pts.Screw that nursing sucks and I do not recommend it to young people.

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