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CanadianRN16 specializes in Geriatrics.

Recently licensed American RN living in Canada.

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  1. CanadianRN16

    Can RN works as a floor nurse in Nursing home/LTC?

    I don't imagine you'll find yourself without work in long term care given the increasing needs of care for the baby boomers. Most likely your role as a RN will change though, and you will act as more than a floor nurse. It seems everyone's scope of practice and roles are gradually increasing to meet healthcare needs. in Canada, RNs are supervisors and managers in long term care. In my province they are even looking at including basic drug prescription in our scope of practice.
  2. CanadianRN16

    STILL can't find a job

    James Bay area is in desparate need for nurses, if you don't mind going up north! My facility in Ottawa and others in my area are also looking for nurses, no one wants to work in long term care apparently. Goodluck!
  3. If only the government were so accomodating. As an American immigrant, I was forced to take an English proficiency test.
  4. CanadianRN16

    Is my safety compromised?

    Unless you can find another trained staff to help you (RN/LPN/CNA) you by no means should transfer that resident. Unfortunately that resident is limited to a bed pan otherwise. That's an unsafe situation in which you are compromising your own safety as well as the resident's safety by transferring her by yourself.
  5. CanadianRN16

    When to apply for jobs

    When do you plan on taking the NCLEX-PN? You qualify for the new grad initiative within 6 months of completing your program. So you can sign up with the HFO website after you graduate :)
  6. CanadianRN16

    Toronto RN Severely Beaten

    I've heard similar stories at the Royal Ottawa Hospital...this culture of brushing assault of healthcare workers under the rug just because they're psych patients isn't right :S How are we suppose to do our jobs if we're working in unsafe comprsing environments?
  7. CanadianRN16

    contract language

    Dont sign the contract until you understand what is implied in the contract. Also, how do you know you're liable for 'eveything' if you can't understand your contract?
  8. CanadianRN16

    NP school in Ontario with low GPA

    I agree. Ideally I want to apply to the University of Ottawa, they have a solid Primary Health Care program. You also have to factor in the pool of applicants at your time of application. If you meet the minimum requirements and have the money for the application, it never hurts to try. Right? I was speaking with a GP the other day about becoming a NP, and he told me to consider medical school. They like NPs because of their knowledge/ experience and they know what they are getting into as a medical professional. So I don't see why that wouldn't correlate to NP programs and why your years of nursing/ life experience would be a hinderance to you, especially if you have a convincing essay explaining your drive to become a NP.
  9. CanadianRN16

    Unit Dose Woes

    I find when I try to rush opening the med packs, pills fly everywhere...-_- Do you have access to the pill crusher pouches? If I have to crush 10+ pills I try to do them in one go with the pouches.
  10. CanadianRN16

    NP school in Ontario with low GPA

    Which Canadian schools require that? In Ontario, even U of T has minimum GPA of 3.0. I'm currently working in Long Term Care and plan on spending time up north. The NP at my work offered to give me a reference when I apply for graduate programs. My focus is to boost my non-academic credentials.
  11. CanadianRN16

    NP school in Ontario with low GPA

    I have the same cGPA and am interested in NP school too. Do you have experience in your desired program stream though? I feel like relevant experience and references would be a large part of the selection process.
  12. CanadianRN16

    RPN, Need help with Resume!

    Beyond joining the RPNAO, I don't see how you can spruce up your credentials/ CV. Your CV is fine. I hear Toronto is a tough market, and it's only been 2 months. Since you're a new grad with no paid experience, you'll be less desirable than RPNs with experience. The easiest way to find work (if you're not picky about your work location) would be at a long term care home or through one of your clinical placements. Keep applying and stay positive, you'll get there!
  13. CanadianRN16

    Failed NCLEX RN 3 TIMES

    If you failed in 75 questions for the third time, it indicates you really need to reevaluate your study plan. I found uWorld to be really helpful with loads of similar questions and detailed rationale. Also, it won't drain your piggy bank.
  14. As some one who endeavoured to learn enough medical French to pass the OQLF exam, it's not impossible. If you pass the OIIQ, there's no need to take the NCLEX. It's just a matter of learning the vocabulary. Once you need it in practice, it won't take long to pickup. If you're that concerned about language, there's Vanier and Dawson in Montreal (or just do a non-professional science DEC and go to an out of province university). Also, I hope you know you'll need a bachelor of nursing degree to work as a RN in any other province.
  15. CanadianRN16

    MSN schools advice ??

    The only online school I've heard of is Athabasca University. What specific graduate program do you want to pursue? If you're concerned about accredition, contact the CNO regarding the out of province schools you're considering.
  16. CanadianRN16

    Nursing student in US, but want to work in Canada

    There's no Canadian NCLEX, it's the same exam . As an American citizen in Canada who has taken the NCLEX, there's minimal barriers to me obtaining licensure in the US. The easiest way in the country is to apply for school. If I were you, I'd contact the programs you're interested in and see if you could qualify with a US degree. In order to qualify for NP programs in Ontario, you need at least 2 years of work experience in a related area for the three accredited streams (or an A-/A GPA).