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Hi all!

I am having such anxiety about starting my nursing specific courses on Sept 2nd! I can sort of remember feeling this way before I went back to college a couple of years ago to start this process. It's gotten really bad lately. I find myself either trying to sleep the day away, or wasting time doing nothing. I had hoped to get lots done with my month off, but so far, not much has been accomplished. My dh is so supportive, but I really don't want to take advantage of his help now before I even start the real work!

I think that I am just so nervous about how I will do. My GPA for my 22 classes of prereq's is 3.77 and I have done them in 23 months. When these numbers are in front of me I see that I should be able to do it. But, I rationalize my grades... like they are flukes. Anyone else feeling this way? What are you doing to give yourself the confidence that you will need to succeed? How are you helping yourself to enjoy your time off while waiting to start?

(I'll go take a nap while I'm waiting for some replies... ;) )


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I'm kinda nervous and excited too and sure that others feel the same. It's pretty normal to feel this way, since we haven't started yet and don't know exactly what to expect from our schools. I start my program Aug 20, which isn't too far away! If you can, try not to stress yourself out or worry about classes right now. Instead, enjoy yourself and relax while you can :) Good Luck to ya!

Good luck with your classes!


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I know what you mean Sandy. I have mostly all A's but little confidence! Sometimes I feel like an imposter and sooner or later someones going to find me out!

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Yes you can. I also start my ADN program on Sept 2. I went to MA school right after high school, and I am working as a phleb now in a hospital. All together, I have seven years of experience in the medical feild, and I am scared to death to start. I have given more injections than I could ever count, done vitals until I have turned blue in the face, and even put in I.V.'s every now and then in the E.R. on patients that the nurse was unable to get. However, I am still scared to death. I know I have experience, but it is nothing like being a nurse, or being in nursing school. I think it is perfectly natural to feel this way. It is the unknown. It is getting used to studying a new way and testing a new way. I get an ulcer just thinking about it. However, I am sure we will all be fine. Everyone here is so wonderful and supportive and that is what we all need.

Let's all try to relax and remember WE CAN AND WILL BE NURSES. DARNED GOOD ONES AT THAT!!!!! This may seem funny but a very good friend of mine who is a Physicians Assistant bought me the Dr. Seuss book when I first began taking my pre-reqs two years ago, "Oh The Places You'll Go" Inside it she wrote:


"May these ryming words of wisdom offer you a smile or laugh in times of stress. Please believe that you may acheive anything you set your mind to. Best of luck in Nursing School."

With that said I am loaning all of you one of the most special and thoughtful gifts anyone has ever given me. For those of you that have children who have this book go and read it. It makes total sense. If you don't have it lying around, check it out at your library, I promise it will make you feel good. Good luck everyone.


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Of corse you can do it!! The fact that you have gotten as far as being accepted into a nursing program and kept up those great grades speaks for itself!!!! Although the classes took are not nursing classes, you still had to work hard to keep your grades up. My advice to you for the next couple of weeks is to enjoy them!!!!!!!! Nursing school is a ruff but wonderful ride. You are going to learn so many things in such a short amount of time. I am going to pass on some words that my Dean passed on to my class that started last year....she said " Consider yourself a Nurse from today on, You are nurses in training but none the less a nurse" Those words gave me the confidence to face the new challange that I faced. I got through my first nursing semester with a 3.5 and I have never worked so hard for anything. It is not all about the grades but also about understanding what you are learning. You put things to use right away in clinicals and its amazing that in just a few short months you are well on your way. Stay positive always and never doubt yourself...even when times get ruff and they will!!!! Bond with classmates and don't compete...we are all after the same thing and that is to become R.N.'s

When school starts there probally won't be much time for but they are always here when you need that extra pick me up... Best of luck to you!! I have two weeks till I start my second semester of 4 and I am just as excited as you all are!!

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It'll be a while yet before I start actual nursing courses, but I can imagine feeling exactly the way everyone else is feeling-nervous and anxious but excited. Just wanted to wish everyone good luck!


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Yes--you can do it. You have obiviously got the study habits down pat---look at your grades. You have been accepted into the program.....You need to take a deep breath and chill for the next couple of weeks.

Just do not get behind---keep up and remember do not memorize---apply the info. Think like a nurse.

My dh, at 35, has just quit a 9yr jobbb with the state as a social worker. He has a BSW. He is taking all his science prequistes for PA school for maybe psychiatry. He was scared to death---could he cut it after all thesse years??? also we have a 8yr old and 15yr old. After Biology, History, Anatomy, and Chem he has a 4.0---and has had the highest average in each of his classes. One of these classes was filled with pre-med students. nOw his professors are trying to advise him into applying for ---GULP--med school. Now, I am the bread winner. He is not working. I am a lowly RN in a LTC facility. Anxiety---yep. BBut if he wants which ever---I will back him. I want him to follow his dreams. God will be right there with me every step of the way. And GOd will be with you too----Just PRAY ALOT!!!!!


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Hi there.

I just wanted to add that a little nervousness is a great thing. Mild anxiety will get you focused and heighten your learning experience. Moderate or high anxiety however is a different story. Now is the time to practice relaxation techniques. Deep breathing, concentrate on feeling your breath go in and out. Some people also use relaxing music or sounds. Think about what you are doing when you feel the most relaxed. If that is convenient then do it whenever you feel the anxiety creep in.Then and this is my favorite...get some aroma therapy. My favorite pick is lavendar lotion. It beautiful scent will relax anyone. Good luck with nursing school I am sure you will do great!


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Sandy, i know just how you feel....

Its hard too, when you hear the many horror stories that *some* former or present nursing students have...

It took such hard work to get here. I mean each one of us know how hard it hard we worked to get to this point. A year ago, (or more) this was a dream. Now it's here, and it's daunting. I mean what could be worse than losing your dream? Right? So we have these fears..... and they bubble and swell every so oft.

I remember my first day in a science course in nearly 20 years. The instructor plopped down a syllabus that was 60 pages long in front of each of us and declared to us "THIS IS YOUR BIBLE FOR THE NEXT 16 WEEKS". omg.. i wanted to RUN! When i got home that night.. i was quite rattled, and intimidated. I decided to do the only thing i could do. I took it one page, one step, one day, at a time. Bite by bite...

That's how i'll take nursing school. I will assimilate as it comes...and so will you, and we'll be fine. (O:

I've been making a concerted effort to enjoy my time off. Keeping busy helps me to edge out anxious thoughts. We've been doing lots of baseball games at the local stadium, long drives in the country, stuff in the yard, etc.

I do devote some time to school prep, and that helps me keep it in perspective.

One thing we're doing is taking a spare room in our house and turning it into a study. This helps ease anxiety about *will i have time to study? *where will i know... general worries about getting work done for classes. Last week i went and chose a soothing but not sleepy color at sherwin williams. I chose clary sage. I came home, and painted the room. It looks great and boy do i feel better knowing i'll have a place for everything i need to do. Now book cases, study table...a few pictures and whew. done.

You'll be fine , I know it!



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sandy, you can do it!


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I am having the same anxiety about school this year. The fear has been creeping in this past week and I start back in nine days. I was a p/t student last year, worked 24 hrs 3-11 shift at work. So I would be up from 6:30- 1 am,oh and I havetwo boys, four and six. I was so tired with just two classes and this semester I am taking 14 credits of pre reqs. I am wondering how I am going to handle working the same hours and taking more classes which means more time to study and less sleep:eek: I keep telling myself I will worry about it tomorrow, very Scarlet O'Hara of me but it does seem to work well. That and I hate to sound conceited but working in a nursing home and working with some nursing students and nurses (most of whom are not the brightest bulbs) I tell myself if they can get through nursing I certainly can.

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