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Thanks for all your replies! Just writing this thread helped me a lot... and I am feeling less anxiety now. We all have a lot of work ahead of us. If I was talking to any of you I would say "Yes, you can do it!" Now, I just need to believe that myself! Thanks! :)


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And just reading this thread helps me out!

Seeing that others have some of the same fears as I do means I am not alone!



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Bevi, I can relate to your first science class experience. In Fall 2002 when I started pre-reqs(returned to school after 23 years), I took Biology. The very first day my highly intelligent, 30 year old MS degree instructor gave us the FINAL EXAM taken by the summer Biology class. You talk about scared to death. He said it was "just to see where we were"& I actually got about 5 bonus points for extra credit from the precentage answered correctly. At the end of the test I asked him if we should know all this material by the end of the semester & he said "yes" and believe it or not I basically did learn all the info by the end of the semester. So I refuse to sell myself short ever again. WE can make it.


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Confidence is a funny thing, it can hurt or help you and often times it's only fleeting. Be confident enough in yourself to say that if other's can do it, so can I. Just be as prepared as you can for your classes and learn the information to the best of your ability. The grades and everything else will take care of the themselves if you do that. True confidence comes from being truly prepared and knowing the material(whatever the field). The hard part is being confident without getting cocky because there is usually a fall heading our way when we let it go to our heads. Usually though, the more you know the more you realize how little you know. Good luck, B.T.H

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Ofcourse you can make it! With your GPA in nursing prereqs, I can guarantee your grades are not a fluke. You got where you are with a lot of hard work. Most of your nerves are due to the fact that you have had to work so hard to get to the point where all of your prereqs are finished and you are ready to start. You probably can't help but think that the real thing will be even harder

I know that I was horribly nervous before I started. What I found was that none of my worst fears came true. None of the instructors sprouted horns or breathed fire on us. Nursing school demands a lot of time and commitment, but as long as you don't let yourself get behind, you will do just fine.

Just remember that no matter how hard you work, you will ALWAYS feel as if you are just one step behind. Everyone that I have talked to in my class feels the same way. Enjoy your time off now, make sure to lavish a lot of extra attention on your hubby, because you will need to hit the ground running when classes start.:kiss

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