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Calling all student NPs...how are you doing?

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There seem to be lots of posts from people trying to get into NP programs, or people who are already NPs, so I can only assume that all the actual students are just too busy studying to post! How are you all doing? How far along are you? Are you enjoying your program? Are you overwhelmed? What class are you doing right now? How far do you have left to go?

I'm coming to the end of my second year as an acute adult NP. I absolutely cannot wait to get to summer break. I've pulled straight As so far so I am satisfied with my performance but I have to admit to feeling very tired and a bit disillusioned. I feel like life is passing me by and all I do is study. I'm too exhausted to do anything else because I work full time and I have found the last two semesters really stressful. I'm coming to the end of my pharmacology class which has been challenging to say the least, but I've actually enjoyed it because it's been a lot of hard science which makes it really interesting to me.

Next semester I am hoping to do my final didactic classes (Health Policy...blech!) before beginning clinical next January but I'm having some anxiety about it because it will mean I will either have to go part time or leave my job to allow me to do 2 days of clinical a week. As I am the only bread winner in my family this is causing me some stress. I am also going through a difficult menopause which is draining the life out of me and I am wondering if going to NP school this close to 50 was such a good idea. I struggle with short term memory because of it and it scares me when I can't remember things. Some days I think I should just stay in my cozy desk job and forget about running around in a white coat, but I've spent all this money! Seriously though, I miss the clinical environment and am very much looking forward to the clinical portion and hoping I won't have to work with an ogre of a doctor. I'm praying for a cool preceptor and a really nice experience. I'd love to hear how other students are faring! Summer is coming!!

I am completing my 1st year of the RN-MSN program. I am actually just crossing the hump of the BSN part and will start my graduate classes in May. I will have a break starting next week until the end of May and I am thankful! So far I have gotten an A in all classes except 1 so I am doing well! I am going to try and double up on my classes later this year in an attempt 2 speed things up. Good luck to you!


I feel your pain. I am finishing my second year of my FNP program. I also feel like life if passing me by. I work every weekend and I have clinical and class during the week. It is hard to stay in touch with family and friends when I am busy all the time and have such an odd schedule. I keep thinking there is a light at the end of the tunnel and this will all be worth it when I graduate next year


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I'm finishing my second semester. It was my first clinical semester, and I have felt a little overwhelmed. But what's funny, is my friend and I were talking last night, and she asked how school was. I told her it was going well, but I was so ready for the break between spring and summer classes. She was like "you seem less stressed out this semester". I told her that was funny because I feel about 10 times worse than I did my first! Haha.

I guess I have just accepted that it is what it is. It's been tough, but I knew it would be going into it, and wanted that. I didn't WANT to go to a cake walk program. I have all As and hope to keep it up.

I do feel like my social and family lives have suffered a bit...I'm still working full-time, night shift hours and doing clinical either 1 or 2 days a week, depending. So that's been tough. Luckily everyone understands!

I do enjoy my program. I have learned a ton, and I have no doubt that if(I will) I finish, I will come out knowing what I need to for boards and practice. I'm also in adult acute care.


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Tired. I'm just tired. All. The. Time.

I'm in my last quarter - with graduation only 2 months away (for my Masters...I will then be continuing for the DNP).

I have, for the most part, loved my program (full-time AGACNP)! But this last quarter- I'm convinced they're trying to kill us! ;) It's the toughest one yet...which I guess is to be expected for a 4th management class. I have that 6 credit class, plus a 3 credit online class, and then "clinical conference" (treated as an actual class in addition to required clinical hours). I'm doing clinical days 2-3 times a week. I only work a couple times a month...I can't handle doing any more than that.

I wish the rest of you continued good luck!!

bbcewalters, NP

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Good to hear from everyone!!! I'm just finishing up my first year of FNP school. I am so tired of studying all the time!!! I am enjoying school and I have secured all my preceptors....I have 3 semesters left and I am told it will go by fast. Like everyone else I am very busy I work full time, school full time, and I have 2 kiddos and a husband that works nights. We are surviving but just barely.

Good luck to everyone in the future looking forward to May 2017 graduation!!!

Exhausted is the only word I can use. 4 weeks til graduation, finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

applesxoranges, BSN, RN

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Getting stressed. I have about 8 months to find a clinical site. I think I am going to break down and go with paying Clinical Match Me. They have a woman's health site for my 2nd rotation and I just need a family practice or internal medicine practice for my first.

Rocknurse, MSN, APRN, NP

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This is great...thanks for posting! It's nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. It always seems like such a great idea in the beginning! Lol. Then reality sinks in and you realize what you've signed up for. I'm getting a bit anxious because my final pharm exam is coming up in 2 weeks and I so don't feel ready. I've taken some ETO time thankfully so I have to buckle down. It's just that one exam standing between me and the summer vacation!!! I hope you all continue to stop by and post occasionally. It's nice to have a running thread to share experiences and support each other. We're gonna make it!

I've heard there is a fb page with preceptors but I have no idea what the link is. Also...my state has an advanced practice organization and there are preceptors on that too. Maybe you can see if your state has something similar? I also have some links that may possibly be helpful if you can send me your email.


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Im currently finishing advanced Pharm. and Ethics and about to start my 3rd term (advanced health assessment and EBP research 2) with 4 more terms to go after that.

Exhausted is exactly how I'm feeling. Just when I feel like I literally can't make it another week, we get 2 weeks off and I get a very small glimpse at normal life again. I'm looking forward to that glimpse of normalcy in about a week and a half. I miss my kids! Grad school is all consuming and I feel like I'm missing out on so much, even though I know it won't last forever. Thankfully, I'm doing really well in school and my husband is amazingly supportive.

My December 2017 graduation feels really far away right now, but I know it will be worth it in the end!

Wishing you all the best as you finish up your programs!

I start this Fall but I am already exhausted just reading the replies! Good luck to you all :)


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Hi guys, just finishing up my first clinical semester it's been pretty busy! I graduate may 2017 so looking forward to next years clinicals :) I'm still working part time possibly reconsidering for the fall.. Nice to hear from everyone!

twinmommy+2, ADN, BSN, MSN

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I'm finishing my 2nd year of if 6 in a BSN TO DNP part time program. I'm in the middle of Advanced Health Assessment and looking to start clinical a this summer.


Im finishing my 2nd year of a part time AGNP with oncology speciality program. I graduate May 2018. It's been exhausting. I'm looking forward to this summer and just taking one course! Reproductive Health. Hopefully it won't be too bad!

Hi summerly! What school do you attend? I think i will graduate a round that time but I'm i terested in what school is offering that specialization course?

Hello! I go to Loyola University Chicago. I know only of a few universities that offer the oncology speciality track.

Giving up is not an option. Just a small story.. Could you believe that i started NP school in 2013.. after multiple times of sitting out because i could not find preceptors and 2 times withdrawing from class because of work issues and preceptor issues, i was dismissed from the program for failure to progress.. Depressed is not the word,,,, i was so saddddd.. could you believe i was to graduate in June of THIS YEAR....tears and sadness.... however, with God, prayer and support, i dragged myself out of the Hole and registered with Kaplan. Why... because they took 6 classes.. i could not believe it... i feel like everything happens for a reason. I even feel now more prepared. If you are a Kaplan NP student ( ACTIVE) meaning you are attending classes- no matter at what time period, maybe you are starting this week or you have been in classes... come and join our facebook site.. lets finally do this thing together... Quitting, is not an option.. I hope the link works if not... search on Facebook for Kaplan Student Nurse Practitioners 2017

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Getting ready to graduate ina month with my adult/gero NP. Just took the Barkley pretest DRT abd failed miserably. Aslo not seeing many adult/gero NP jobs in my area. Feeling a little disillusioned at the moment.

Finishing my 2nd semester, about to start my third this summer. It's a lot of work and stress but I'm surviving so far.


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