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  1. Advice for MSN, FNP Programs

    I would not recommend Walden only because they do not provide much help with finding preceptors. If you can help it save yaself and go to a school that provides preceptors for u! It's been a definite headache and many others with that.
  2. The Struggle for Preceptors

    The program has been going ok. I actually had to sit out this semester because I couldn't find another preceptor so short of notice. I am still having a tough time finding a precept or and am looking into other options. Now that the medical school in...
  3. Scope of AGNP

    I agree with lady T. The training you receive doesn't include infants really so I don't think the state matters.
  4. online FNP

    So i have had 2 preceptors willing to do it but their workplace said no. A lot of the places in my area have contracts with schools and won't take students from other schools...and depending on your np type you won't be able to precept in certain pla...
  5. The Struggle for Preceptors

    Hello fellow NP students! I am posting this because I am attending an online school that does not provide preceptors and I am so frustrated with it! I have lost 2 preceptors already and haven't even started my first clinical rotation. I have talked t...
  6. In DESPERATE need of Pediatric Preceptor

    What a coincidence. I attend the same school, also live in GA, supposed to start clinicals Nov. 28th but have lost 2 preceptors. Was notified yesterday by a site that they could not so my clinicals even though they had already signed the agreement. T...
  7. Issues finding preceptors in Columbus Ohio and surrounding areas

    All i can say is that I am pretty much in the same boat. Lost 2 preceptors u had already. It's so aggravating.
  8. Opening your own practice issues?

    I work for a huge contractor for a ton of insurance companies. We do contact the MDs offices in many cases for clinical information to see if the case qualifies for pay but we can speak to Nurse practitioners as well as doctors if that answers part o...
  9. online FNP

    Hello! 2 of my preceptor's went to Walden University and they have not had trouble getting jobs in my area. I am also a Walden student currently. When I was choosing I was looking between south and walden...I ended up choosing Walden because South at...
  10. Coincidentally I just lost my preceptor for the 2nd time..I thought it would be easy too but am finding that many preceptors will say they can do it but the facility won't let them. Then I also didn't realize that they can't be in a practice with a ...
  11. I attend Walden University and am in my last year (about to start clinicals). I would say it's very feasible for people working part time but if taking 2 classes it would be difficult due to the requirement of clinical hours..but there are people who...
  12. Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

    I am not sure if there are online programs for MD...but for NP...i would say avoid the schools that make you find your own preceptor if you can. It is very frustrating trying to find them while doing the schoolwork, working etc.
  13. I am not aware of any NP school that you can get away with only doing work 1 day a week. Most online schools require you to do posts on 3 different days a week. Also have essays that require research, tons of reading, tests. And to make matters worse...
  14. Learning NP level material online

    I believe southern new Hampshire university and capella university have learn at your own pace...however, i am not sure if these are find your own preceptor type schools but if they are...i would advise against them due to the difficulty i am having ...
  15. Everyone is in NP school !

    I think it is the area because there are a lot of jobs for NPs available where I am. I am wondering though...our medical college recently got the acute care and adult Gerontology programs. .pretty soon the area will begin to follow and begin requirin...