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PNW~NP has 15 years experience and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. After 2 1/2 years of graduate school, I passed AANP FNP board exam on the first attempt last week! I've always found this forum helpful and wanted to share my experience with those preparing to take the exam. Here's my advice- **Start studying for boards in your last semester of Grad school** This was required by my program and I believe it was one of the most helpful things I could have done. I felt very well prepared by the end of the semester. Yes, this is a busy time while finishing up clinicals, still taking classes and working, but I found breaking my study plan down into small chunks very helpful in preparing for boards. Each week during my final semester I spent 3-4 days per week studying for 2-3 hours per day. I dedicated my study time to a chapter or body system. I also took a predictor test at the beginning of the semester through APEA to see where my weak spots were and used that to focus my studying. As far as board prep material, I used Fitzgerald Certification Examination and Practice Preparation book, Fitzgerald MP3 and Leik's FNP Certification Intensive Review book. I found Fitzgerald MP3 very helpful as I could listen while commuting to clinical or whenever was convenient. I also completed the Fitzgerald board prep book and all of the questions in Leik's book, which I highly recommend as Leik's questions were the most similar to the wording on the AANP board exam. Lastly, I took the PSI AANP practice test several days before my exam and this helped boost my confidence and prepared me for how the questions would be worded. Hoping someone might find this information helpful. Good luck!
  2. PNW~NP

    Calling all student NPs...how are you doing?

    Im currently finishing advanced Pharm. and Ethics and about to start my 3rd term (advanced health assessment and EBP research 2) with 4 more terms to go after that. Exhausted is exactly how I'm feeling. Just when I feel like I literally can't make it another week, we get 2 weeks off and I get a very small glimpse at normal life again. I'm looking forward to that glimpse of normalcy in about a week and a half. I miss my kids! Grad school is all consuming and I feel like I'm missing out on so much, even though I know it won't last forever. Thankfully, I'm doing really well in school and my husband is amazingly supportive. My December 2017 graduation feels really far away right now, but I know it will be worth it in the end! Wishing you all the best as you finish up your programs!
  3. Yes, that's the correct text. The text for research is Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence for Nursing Practice by Polit and Beck. Good luck!
  4. I live on the West Coast and the starting salary is often between 95 and 105k and sometimes higher. My situation is a little different though. I currently work in a specialty (as an RN) and have a good chance of being hired with my current employer so pay will likely be on the higher end with opportunity for some tuition reimbursement. As far as what I think a good loan amount for FNP school is ....well that is going to be different for each individual. I agree that 80k is ridiculous, but the amount your willing to spend will just depend on whether or not you're the main source of household income, where you live and the need for NPs in your area, your goal for how fast you plan to pay back your loans, scholarships, employer contribution/repayment etc. I chose Georgetown because I live almost 2 hours away from the nearest brick and mortar program and I didn't want to spend 4 hours, 3 or more days per week just driving to and from class not including clinical. I also knew I wanted a school that helped find preceptors. I decided to choose a program with a well known and well respected name so that the quality of my program wouldn't come into question. I also wanted a rigorous program that will prepare me well for clinical practice. (Btw, I'm not saying that there are not other well respected online programs, I'm just saying Georgetown is the one I chose to go with). It's a huge decision, and it took me a while to finally decide what was best for my family. I made sure I knew every detail I could about the program before starting. Georgetown isn't lying when they tell you it's 8 hours of study time per credit hour. It really is and this doesn't include time spent in class. Oh and the first semester courses are patho and advanced reseach (in the part time program). The Patho course opens 4 weeks early because of the volume of work it involves so you should have plenty of time to work ahead. I personally did not do all the reading as the asynchronous lectures are where most of the test questions come from. I only really read when I needed clarification. (The patho professor who does the asynch lectures is really good). The patho book is Pathophysiology: The Biologic Basis for Disease in Adults and Children by McCance. Best of luck with your decision!
  5. I am a current Georgetown FNP student and I can attest to the fact that their program is very rigorous, but also a very good program. Georgetown does prepare you well, and they do find you clinical placement. Of course there is always the chance that a clinical placement could fall through or be more difficult to find depending on your location so they obviously can't give you 100% guarantee. It is always wise to network with NPs in your area just in case. You are correct though, there is a lot of sacrifice that goes along with grad school and it will take some serious thought as to whether this is the right time for you to go back. My children are both in school now and I still don't have much time to spend with them. I study 60plus hours a week and work only 1 day/wk. I also have family close by that help out when I need it. You should also know that Georgetown's classes are live, so even in the part time program you are required to attend 2 live classes per week and they are each 2 hours long. You have to be well prepared for class as you are expected to participate and sometimes make presentations. Personally, I think this program is worth the cost, but I also live in an area that pays new NPs very well. There are a lot of factors to consider beyond just the cost. It's a hard decision, but know that grad school isn't going anywhere, it will be there whenever you decide is the right time to go back :)
  6. Gonzaga requires 2 campus visits per semester as does Duke. (So about 8 campus visits each). Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  7. PNW~NP

    Writing papers

    Great question, OBigdog. I used PERRLA for my undergrad and loved that it kept a database for all of my previously used references. Worth every penny. I will be looking into Grammarly as well! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  8. PNW~NP

    Georgetown University FNP Sep 2015

    Chessie, You do have to attend class each week at the same time and day you registered for. You are required to attend unless you have permission from your professor or an emergency. Unfortunately, they do not consider work a valid reason for missing your live class time. They do offer numerous class times, most of them are Tuesday through Friday and I've been told a very rare Saturday for certain classes. The program is intense. Once Clinical's start they are scheduled during the weekdays and become more time intensive each term. First clinical term is one day per week plus two classes, 2nd is two days with 2 classes, last clinical term is 3-4 days per week plus two classes (for the part time program). My advisor told me that GUs part time program is equivalent to most schools full time program. They say to expect 8 hours of study time per credit hour per week, NOT including the 4 hours per week of required live class time. I am cutting back my hours to one day per week for the first year and I may have to quit working my second year when clinical's start. I hope this information helps! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  9. PNW~NP

    Duke Vs. Georgetown FNP?

    Thank you, Davesbride! So glad to hear you are happy with the program. Congrats on being so close to the finish line!!! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  10. PNW~NP

    Poll: Nurse and law enforcement couples

    My husband is a police officer and we have another nurse/LEO couple in the family as well. Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  11. PNW~NP

    Duke Vs. Georgetown FNP?

    Yay! I am all registered as well and feeling super nervous! See you soon 😊 Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  12. PNW~NP

    Duke Vs. Georgetown FNP?

    I agree, the the fact that Duke finds preceptors is a huge factor to consider. It makes me nervous too, but from what I've heard Georgetown has gotten considerably better at placing students. They give the disclaimer up front that there is a chance you may not get placed, but I would guess that only a small number of students have to delay their program. Definitely a tough decision! Hope to see you this fall! 😉 Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  13. PNW~NP

    Duke Vs. Georgetown FNP?

    I will be attending Georgetown this fall, but I looked at Duke as well. Both are well respected programs. Duke has many more campus visits- one or two per semester, while Georgetown only requires two campus visits. Dukes program is longer ( a year longer for their part time program I believe). Cost per credit is higher at Georgetown, but with so many required campus visits it would have been more expensive for me. You can't go wrong with either program. Good luck with your decision! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  14. PNW~NP

    Georgetown University 2015

    Congrats!! See you then! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses
  15. PNW~NP

    Georgetown University 2015

    I also had the "pay deposit" box and was accepted. I know of several others who had this as well. I received my acceptance email 2 days after it said to contact admissions (longest wait ever!!) I think the pay deposit box is pretty telling. You should should have an answer in a day or two :) Fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated! Sent from my iPhone using allnurses