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Hi Everyone, UCLA just started their new graduate application program starting today Oct 3-9 for the winter 2012 program. Start date Feb/Mar 2012 Following opportunities are available: ○... Read More

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    How long did it take from the time you had an interview to when they got back to you? I am a new grad ADN (with a previous BS, but as you know that does you no good in nursing) and have been looking for work since June. I had an initial interview with the recruiter. Harbor UCLA is the only hospital that has responded to any of my applications even though I am currently enrolled in a MSN bridge program.
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    Quote from kariRN11
    I'll be at SM ICU! Excited to meet everyone at orientation! Have you all done your occ health and background? I'm moving from the Bay Area first week of February.
    Hi KariRN11 and all other SMH ICU nurses!

    I know this is a long shot as you were hired two years ago and probably dont look at this thread anymore.. but i have an upcoming interview with SMH ICU and was hoping ( and praying ) I could get a little insight to the interview. this is my absolute dream job and after months and months of applying, this is my one interview and i really dont want to mess up! if you do receive this message and could provide me a way to best prepare, i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for any and all help!