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  1. UCLA New Grad RN Program-Winter 2012

    Hi KariRN11 and all other SMH ICU nurses! I know this is a long shot as you were hired two years ago and probably dont look at this thread anymore.. but i have an upcoming interview with SMH ICU and was hoping ( and praying ) I could get a little ins...
  2. UCLA New Grad RN 2013

    Hi! I will be interviewing for CCU/MED SURG ICU next month and I was wondering if you could be kind enough to give me some insight about the interview? thank you for any and all help!
  3. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    just got an invite for SMH ICU. +0) they are definitely still sending out emails~
  4. USC versant residency program spring 2015

    Did you actually schedule a meet or just went in and talked to them? its so hard to tell which units are hiring / have been called~
  5. USC Keck Versant New Graduate Perioperative Program Winter 2015

    have all units been called? i feel like i've really only heard about about OR, oncology and surg/tele.... *sigh
  6. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Hey, do you know who you talked to from HR?
  7. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    i interviewed last cohort with SICU and didn't get the postion.... but i remember having a choice for 4 dates, with three interview slots per hour... i think i had estimated closer to 60-70 ppl being interviewed for SICU last cohort. either way... so...
  8. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    anyone have a status of "routed to interviewing supervisor" and not get an interview? or am i just having the worst-luck-ever-in-the-world?
  9. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    to add to the list : L&D, peds acute care, neuro stroke unit
  10. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    according to FB : SICU, adult oncology, peds ICU, SMH CCU/ICU..... so far~
  11. USC Keck Versant New Graduate Perioperative Program Winter 2015

    woopwoop! congrats!! what unit u interviewing for?
  12. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    prioritizing patients / signs and symptoms / no med questions.
  13. UCLA New Grad Winter 2015

    Tee last time I applied ( for the sept 2014 residency )... i got a request for an interview 7 weeks after applying. ( This was for SICU ) Its only been a few weeks since applications closed so dont even think about losing hope yet!
  14. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    at this point, it seems like some units are completely done and some maybe are still giving out a few offers? the best would be to call / email HR.... cuz i think no one knows for sure. good luck!!
  15. UCLA New Grad Summer 2014

    for those of you that got positions, can i please ask what your online status was prior to your offer?