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Hey guys, I have a question. I had an interview with LAC+USC and received a letter that I passed the oral exam. I read in the letter that they are going to contact me if positions open up. I am a new... Read More

  1. by   lucky007
    I just had my second interview at LAC+USC for a med/surg long do they usually take to decide and do they let u know or u have to call yrself to ck the status whether u are selected or not
  2. by   KC83
    it took not even a week for them to call me back. I didn't call them or anything since they told me it takes about two weeks for them to decide. ^^ I'm going through health screening as of now. Hopefully I will get the hire date soon.
  3. by   lucky007
    @KC83 I had my interview on 29 Jan and on Feb 1st they offered me the position. I went for my Live scan on the 5th Feb
    How long does it take for the Live Scan to be cleared
    And how long does it take for the Physicals to be scheduled
    I am hired on a Med/Surg floor ,how abt u

  4. by   KC83
    It took about a week for them to send me the live scan clearance. They schedule u for the health clearance right away once u receive the live scan e-mail. I just went for my health screen last Monday so I'm still waiting for the clearance. I'm gonna be on a med/surg floor too!!! ^__^ maybe we'll be on the same floor?
  5. by   lucky007
    @KC83 I am on Ortho/OR
  6. by   lucky007
    @KC83 have u got the start date? i went for physical today seems I have to go again to get the clearance
  7. by   KC83
    @lucky007 Nope, not yet. I did receive my health clearance paper, but it still takes several days for them to process it. I'll probably receive it next week or so~ i will let you know! ^^ maybe we'll have our orientation together?
  8. by   KC83
    So is anyone familiar with the whole orientation process for m/s? for ie how long it is.. how many hours.. what to expect.. and etc.. My orientation is on next Tuesday@8am. I just got the call yesterday!
  9. by   lucky007
    I just got my clearance on Friday , I dropped it off at the HR so lets see when they call me @KC83 how long did it take from clearance to actual call?
    As far as I know about orientation ....dont know how long it would be but they will discuss things like yr benefits , provide vehicle pass etc and probably might assign a preceptor but make sure to report to HR at the end of the day so u get paid for that day
  10. by   KC83
    Yay~! Congrats! It took like two days.. So maybe they will call you tomorrow??? because mine's on Tuesday. I wonder if we start immediately after the orientation ends? I really hope so. Let me know if you get the call~ it'd be so nice if we can attend the orientatino together~ ^^
  11. by   XimenaToledo
    hi! i started orientation on feb 1st for LAC USC. . . we reported to HR in the city of commerce and then went to the hosp. . . we went to our units after lunch. We just signed papers during the whole day. . . the following 5 or 6 days. . . we were sent to the school of nursing for orientation 8hrs/day . . . they review basic nsg stuff and policies and theres a few tests. . . nothing to worry about!!!! the day after orientation is over they sent us to our respective units!!! what follows after that is completely up to your manager. . . e everyone in my group got started right after orientation!!!! theres some units that only do 12 hrs shifts, others do a combo of 2 12 hrs days and 2 8 hrs days. . . so ur schedules wil depend on the unit you've been assigned!!!! best of luck!!! like i said at the beginning!!! this how it goes at LAC USC . .
  12. by   KC83
    Thank you so much for that, XimenatToledo. =D At least now we know what to expect. I really hope that I will get started right after the orientation. One more question... what color scrubs do you wear at LAC USC?
  13. by   lucky007
    @KC83 I will definitely let u know ...I hope we have the orientation together...looking forward to it