Burnout is creeping up on me...advice needed please


My career as an LPN started in Med/Surg, quickly realized that wasnt for me and moved to LTC where I have happily been doing wound care every weekend for 2 years now. I love my job. I love working only 2 twelves per week. I love working with the elderly. I love the autonomy of doing treatments (no aides to worry with,no waiting on my relief, and very few calls to the md) I do my own thing at my own pace and leave when my time is served. Thing is Im beginning to feel the burnout creeping up on me, like Im spinning my wheels. While I never thought I would leave LTC, Ive began to ponder what other opporitunities may provide me with all the things I enjoy (elderly,autonomy,part-time). I have considered maybe home health, because I work well on my own but from what Ive seen, most of that is vent and peds which are my 2 least fav (hearts too fragile for peds,gag reflex too fragile for vent/trach secretions). Im not really a monday-friday type person so i dont think i would enjoy an office, I prefer weekends and few weekdays. It may sound like Im being picky but Im fortunate enough to live in an area where there are many LPN job openings.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Sounds like it's time for a vacation... Someplace beautiful, tropical, and on the ocean.

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Sounds like you have the ideal job situation. Go on a nice long vacay.

There are many nurses that wish they were in your shoes.


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Take a vacation, seriously. I'm fortunate like you to be able to afford to work parti-time. When these feeling creep up I cut back to my minimum required hours, no extras as a favour to management.

Take a class for enjoyment. Remember there is a whole other world out there that doesn't involve nursing.


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If you have the heart for caring...and you do...keep your eyes open and maybe even consider doing private pay. (google that if you are interested.)

Good luck! Reach out and see what you can find. You are a gift for those who need you-

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Take a vacation. Or get a very rich lover who will spoil you rotten so you don't have to work. :) sounds like your job is easy enough kitten, so maybe you just need a break. If your bored - then switch specialities by working both jobs simultaneously so if u dislike the new job you can fall back on your wound care job. Lots of jobs available doesn't always equal offers: so stay alert! Hug.


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I hate to tell you this but it sounds like you have the most ideal job right now!! Sometimes a change in the thinking is better than a change of job location!! If you feel home health or private nursing is calling you why don't you try it out prn? I would hate for you to jump ship and then realize you had it good!! I like the suggestion of taking a class and refreshing your mind.


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I think you are confusing home health with private duty. I've done private duty and yes they are all vents and peds and the pay is awful. Home health is intermittant visits to the patients home for things like wound care, PICC line dsg change, etc. I think the visits run about 30 minutes each. I have no idea how many you'd see a day. Something to check into maybe?

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First of all, I would love to do wound care in LTC. I currently work in LTC and plan to stay, but I would love to take care of wounds all the time. I don't think this requires a job change for you. You sound like you still like what you do. But, you should take some time off. It doesn't have to be a month. I believe 3-4 days off straight would be sufficient, preferably including a weekend since you work those mostly. That way you can be off work while your friends and family are also.

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Some hospitals have an outpatient wound care dept where people come for chronic non-healing wounds. Usually they have a hyperbaric chamber to aid in healing. Maybe you could look for a job in a hospital or clinic outpatient wound care setting for a change of pace


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Doing regular Home Health is a good choice - many agencies would gladly hire someone who wants to work weekends. And you would be mostly doing wound care on weekends, maybe some PICC line dressings, maybe some blood draws. But mostly wound care.

Best wishes!


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Thanks for all the advice guys! And I did try a vacation a few weeks ago, took a whole weekend (as thats all Im allotted per year is one weekend) and didnt answer my phone for extra shifts for one week. It did help some but Im not sure thats whats gonna solve this dread I feel come Friday afternoons. I guess Im really just afraid Im going to lose my skills. Its been years since Ive passed any meds and Im sure Im clueless about any new ones. And aside from a focused assessment on the wound healing process I rarely get to use and assessment skills. I do my best to help out the floor nurses when I can and I truly enjoy teaching new nurses about wounds and foleys (Ive become the foley pro at work). I like that suggestion of wound clinic or wound care for home health, I havent thought of those. Thanks for all the replies.