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Teleflurry has 15 years experience as a DNP and specializes in Primary Care and ICU.

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  1. BSN to DNP with MSN stop out?

    I live in Florida and I did the BSN to DNP programwith a masters along the way "stop out" at FAU in Boca Raton, Florida. I got my masters degree and took boards all while doing my doctoral classes. Im graduating with my doctorate this December. Th...
  2. Failed an exam - Pregnant and in a panic.

    Thanks everybody for the love ! I passed and went on to pass every class and im now an ANCC board certified ARNP about to start my first job ! Had my son a year ago and everything worked out FINE! :)
  3. Balancing school, work, family

    Im an ICU. If you ever think its impossible please listen to what I do everyday, every week. I work full time plus overtime 3-4 shifts a week. My school is 2.5-3 hours away from my house - and I drive there every Thursday. Im doing the BSN-DNP progra...
  4. So I'm a student in FLorida in a BSN to AGNP program and I failed my second exam in my primary 1 class. Like by one point. Passing is 80% I got a 79% It was based on cardio and respiratory, and was vey extensive. In order to continue in the progra...
  5. FNP grad student needs topic for thesis.

    Im stabbing in the dark here.... Pain assessment tools for people with fibromyalgia? Assessing pain in chronic pain sufferers? Assessing pain in the intubated/ventilated inpatient ICU patient? Pain assessment in chronic drug abusers. Pain relief scal...
  6. Live the dream or Crush the dream

    I hope this message receives you well. I don't see any reason you cannot pursue a career in midwifery. Just check the college rules for whatever program you want to see if they consider the overall GPA or just the nursing course GPA. I have seen m...
  7. Advanced Assessment - Any tips?

    Good Day People, I'm looking for any resources that helped you out when you were learning advanced assessment - books, videos, techniques, etc. I'm a BSN-DNP student in year two - and I take advanced assessment in two weeks, and wanted to see how yo...
  8. Preceptor needed for FNP hours

    I'm a member of my states (FLORIDA) nurse practitioner network. There is a national site as well. I paid thirty bucks to search their list of preceptors to find one for me. Join the ENP network and the search the preceptor list (you can only conta...
  9. Anyone in Advanced Patho?

    I just finished advanced patho last week and thank God the professor offered a blueprint of her tests prior to each one. Got an "A". I always feel like I dont have the brain capacity to try to absorb all of that information to be competent enough t...
  10. What is/was your job going through grad school?

    Full time surgical ICU nurse, working my three 12 hours shifts a week on nightshift - plus overtime shifts - married mother of a two year old son, and pregnant with my second son. Currently in the BSN-DNP Adult/Gerontological Primary Care program. ...
  11. FNP vs AGNP?

    Im currently in an AGNP program for primary care and I made up my mind I never want to work with children. If you scour most job listings as I do, you'll see that most jobs dont even specify what type of NP that you are. Of course if you choose to ...
  12. FAU 2014 ABSN applicants

    Ijust wanted to wish you guys luck. I really enjoy FAU and my experience with them has been positive. I did the RN-BSN program and am currently in the BSN-DNP program AGNP. Good luck!
  13. CCRN exam

    I just passed today - first time testing. ALL I did was listen to the Laura gasparis on my iphone - like , three days before the test. I had a test book, but didn't really use it. It's heavy on cardio, neuro and pulmonary. It was all scenarios tha...
  14. DNP seems like a waste...

    My DNP program has 1000 hour requirements for the BSN-DNP. The curriculum is a strong mix of patho, anatomy, pharm, theory and caring. I believe it depends on the school. Researching your options is key.
  15. A better model for the DNP

    Im in my first semester with Florida Atlantic University's BSN-DNP program. This program award the MSN degree midway and you can sit for your boards. I work full time - plus overtime, so four days a week and have a husband and two year old son. It...