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Hi there,

I've been an RN for almost 6 years. I've worked in a few different areas trying to find my niche. I really enjoy patient interactions although I'm beginning to think that nursing isn't really for me. I've lost my passion for the career & I'm in the MSN only 6 months left with my feet dragging. I've been talking to my husband about trying something completely different. Has any nurses out there felt the same? I'm in CA & workplace politics have made work so un-enjoyable.

Thank you for your support

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VergoRN said:
I've been an RN for almost 6 years.

I've lost my passion for the career

Has any nurses out there felt the same?

Yes and the feelings seem to come in 7 year cycles.

Do what you will with that belief, VergoRN, and welcome to AN.com!

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Workplace politics can happen in any career. Working and going to school can be a challenge. I'd focus on finishing your degree, and then try to do figure out what you may want to do later. Nursing is a career, it is also WORK. We don't have to "love" what we do. Plenty of people just go about their jobs without loving it. I think the important thing will to find a job you don't hate with coworkers that are awesome. I think the coworkers make or break the job, more than the job itself.

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This time of year if you have been studying and working all year and no proper break then you are probably getting crispy.

Have you any leave available that you can take and NOT be using it to study?

I have been in your shoes and I took annual leave just to sleep and relax. It really helped and highlighted the need to manage my own self care. I started outsourcing some tasks at home - gardener, hello fresh for meals etc.

I also used EAP through work to get some counselling and while I have finished studying I have had some health issues which has left me still looping in crisis mode. I am working on getting a few things sorted and focusing on my health both mental and physical.

Wishing you best of luck in balancing you life x

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Yes, I feel that way, burnt out and looking for something different. I think I need a vacation. But, I do want to do something like NP or something that is less physical in a few years. I've had some back and feet problems that I recognize would be helped by getting out of such a rigorous specialty like the ER. But, I'm still not sure. I want to know what I want to do before such a huge financial investment. A masters degree is expensive.

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I got the burnout thing too. The thing is, I crashed and and burned in a spectacular way after several years of being the textbook example of not taking care of myself while working in some crummy places where nurses were used, abused and tossed away like disposable supplies. I've now been in and out of work for about 4+ years, somewhat I would say inappropriately forcibly, but that is another story for another day.

Through all of this, I have yet to find something else that one, I can do with my education that I can really support myself with and two that I actually enjoy. I have found it quite difficult to explain it to people who think 'why would you want to give up a great $$ making career like nursing?' Number 2, I get pretty bored, pretty quick doing much of anything else.So in spite of being beaten nearly senseless by this profession, I'll still go back in a small part to not let "them" get me down and in a larger part to get back to what I love to do. Now though I shall try to be more judicious about where I work. Take care of my patients and go home. No more, no less. Period.

What is it about your job that you feel burned out on? Is it the running or stress or something different? I would say if you are that close to your MSN I would finish that because that would give you some different options, doing different things than you are doing now, likely with higher pay.

If you are simply looking for a different type of job or facility, then what is it about yours that you like and don't like?

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Definitely finish your MSN!!! We all get into ruts sometimes where we feel burned out and unmotivated. That's not always the best time to think about what you want for the future. When you're in a mindset of thinking of what you don't want, you'll do all this stuff to get out of it then land yourself in something else you don't want. I would suggest riding out the 6 months and continuing with the politics and when you have a little breathing room you can really start to brainstorm realistic solutions that bring you joy.

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