Book - How to Survive & Maybe even love nursing school?

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Good book

yes / no?

Its a little pricey, so I want to make sure its a good reference? My library doesnt have it:crying2:


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I wouldn't bother with that book. It doesn't really tell you anything that you can't learn right here at allnurses for free! There are some interesting stories from students, but I don't think it's worth the cost.

Good luck with school.


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Someone gave it to me as a gift. It's ok. I read it once and that's it. It does have lots of resources in it though. That's how I found out about this place!

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I got it as a gift and it was a good bathroom read...Hee Hee. Check w/ your school or local library. We have a copy at ours. Not really worth a purchase unless you can get one cheap on ebay/amazon.


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I bought it, just because it was on our book list, though not required.

Don't buy it. Check it out of your school library (they usually have all copies of required and recommended texts/books. But it isn't worth buying. I read one chapter, and it's collecting dust.


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I don't have it, but i would try to get it used first.Don't worry, you'll get plenty or reading, your library will overflow, and your books will even serve as pillows if your not careful. On my desk, I actually have a pile of nursing books that is nearly 2 feet high, and i'm only 2nd semester.

This board, and a bag of m&m's is helping me survive as we speak.


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save yourself some money and don't buy it! it's really not that helpful. i can even sum the whole book up for you. "you'll have to study a lot in nursing school, clinicals are hard but you'll learn to deal with them, and studying with your classmates is a good idea." i think that textbook companies would take a financial nose-dive if weren't for us nursing students (and our professors). i had to buy this book for class but then my prof never really discussed it or tested us on it, and i was not a happy person about having blown $25 on it. i'm all about cutting down on the purchase of superfluous, over-priced textbooks so if you're looking for a good bathroom book or a nice easy read on a weekend, go for it, but $25 is an awful lot to pay for a 100 page paperback book.


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I read it in Barnes & NOble in about 20 minutes--did not feel it was much at all worthwhile and did not purchase it.


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if you really want to read it but dont want to spend the money, ask your school or local library to get it for you through interlibrary loan. i personally bought it from amazon before i started nursing school, being all excited, and it really isnt that great. what kind of reference do you want it for? it mostly talks about how to choose the right school, how to manage stress, how to decipher nursing tests, and stuff like that, which you probably already know or will learn on your own anyway. i learned nothing from it. it would probably be a good book for someone first starting in college or in high school who is undecided and pretty clueless about going to nursing school, but other than that i wouldnt recommend it.


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I have never read it - but to me it sounds like the kind of book that a professor of undergraduate students would write and then add to the reading list to add to the reading list to make a little extra money. I was in a class where the main text - at $125 and was written by the Prof. - it was great in that they where able to answer question - but talk about scam.... come to think of it - why not write a survival guide 'the challanges of Nursing School - by someone doing it...' you could end up making more off the book than from nursing :rotfl:




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Well, I guess I'm an odd one, because I loved it. I read it before I my 1st semster in the program and thought it was very funny, and it put some of my nerves to rest. I'd buy it used too, only because I'm cheap. :chuckle


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