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  1. checkers

    family friendly apartment in las vegas

    I would recommend Green Valley as well. As for specific apartments, Adobe Ranch is nice, well kept with a nice heated pool. Stay away from Green Valley Country Club.. takes them months and many phone calls to fix anything. Those are the only ones I've had experience with. I'd stay away from just east of the strip, north vegas, and central.
  2. checkers

    265 questions! I feel sick!

    LOL! I am taking mine tomorrow, and I was just thinking that will be my exact reaction! I can already see it after i finish.... getting in my car and screaming, then crying, then calling everyone i know. I just hope that doesn't start until AFTER i make it outside the test center.
  3. checkers

    Nursing is taking over my life!!!!

    MILD and some moderate anxiety is a normal response (the kind that motivates us, or signals our attention to something) But there are the more severe types, panic attacks that are more disabling. I suffered many years with anxiety that went undiagnosed. Got worse in nursing school. Wasn't til my Psych class that i learned what a panic attack was, and I was even having them in my sleep (every few nights I'd wake up gasping for air, and every morning a major headache that felt like a hangover, and of course the classic major palpitations, and dizziness, etc). Since starting anti-anxiety drugs, I haven't once experienced that. I've exercised all along, and always take long hot showers, which i believe help, but none of this thought-changing helps while sleeping. Sometimes for sleep, it did help to set the sleep-timer on my tv and watch some silly makeover show or something. Best wishes to you in school!! I am struggling along with you. I hope you find a way to cope that works for you.
  4. checkers

    What are your clinicals like?

    5 hour days, 2 times a week, with 7 or 8 students to 1 instructor. Nurses generally rush on by, and I feel like I'm in the way. A few have taken the time to explain things, let me watch skills that I haven't been able to do, etc. It is rare. I really hate clinical, mainly becuase it leaves me completely exhausted (I do tend to stress about it though) and then I'm too tired to do my actual studying when i get home. Clinical was extended by 2 extra hours/week this semester!! The one's that I find MOST helpful in clinical are my classmates!
  5. checkers

    Bad test questions

    Seems like for every exam we take, there are usually a couple of questions that are thrown out, due to poor wording or misinformation. For the last test we took there were 6 out of 100 that are being thrown out (so far!!) This happens everytime. Is this normal? So frustrating, and really throws me off when I come across these crazy questions on the test.
  6. checkers

    Grading Scale

    Our is A 90%-100% B 80-89% C 75-79 We are only graded on exams. We have criteria/standards to meet for clinical, but we don't really get a grade. We also just get a "pass" for all skills evaluations, drug calculation tests, and any case studies or care plans.
  7. I don't have it, but i would try to get it used first.Don't worry, you'll get plenty or reading, your library will overflow, and your books will even serve as pillows if your not careful. On my desk, I actually have a pile of nursing books that is nearly 2 feet high, and i'm only 2nd semester. This board, and a bag of m&m's is helping me survive as we speak.
  8. checkers

    Regarding life outside nursing school

    I have no kids, husband, pets, and only like 3 plants to take care of. I can only stay in hermit mode for so long, and i choose to go to the bar most saturday nights with my friends. I find it rather therapeutic to actually be able to forget about the stress of nursing school 1 night a week. And not all "drinkers" are alcoholics or always falling on their face.
  9. checkers

    You know you are in nursing school when ctxt

    I am in my L/D clinical rotation. My bedroom is just above the room with the washing machine, which I can hear running right now. And I just found myself taking the pulse of my washing machine. It sounds just like a fetal HR!!!.... AND the washing machine even has a "pulse" of 165!!! I actually counted it!!
  10. checkers

    Fluid & Electrolytes...

    There was a thread about this not too long ago, that really helped me. I hope this link works.... https://allnurses.com/forums/showthread.php?t=92701&highlight=fluid+electrolyte
  11. checkers

    Need a cure for Procrastination

    Lol! I actually have been tempted to help my mother clean her house. I like the idea of calculating how much i've invested (books, tuition, uniforms, etc.) maybe i can post it on my wall, and find other things to make an "inspirational" collage. I could post my current paycheck, maybe a picture of my cubicle, and i have this lovely note from one of my clinical instructors that I absolutely look up to.
  12. Any ideas? Has anyone tried hypnosis? Acupuncture? I just finished organizing my shoes, and my room is WAY too clean. Please help me. I do this every semester. I mean i find my classes interesting, and actually have a good book this semester (in my 2nd semseter of nursing) so once i start reading i'm usually set, but it's just opening that darn thing to get started. I feel like I have to just run this little errand real quick, or just check my email real quick, and it's always just one more thing before i get started.
  13. checkers

    need help with studying???

    Don't rush through. Those questions are very tricky. Read the question carefully, every word! Then underline the key parts, start eliminating answers, mark all over that test! and choose the best answer. That's all I've got.
  14. checkers

    Do you get nervous before going to clinical?

    I am also in my 2nd semester. My clinical starts next week, I am sooooo nervous! I know everyone in my group would be nervous to get started, but then when we meet at post conference, we think how silly we were. My instructor would say that thanks to our nerves, at least we won't have to worry about staying "regular" while in school. Gosh is that true, I'm just glad I haven't thrown up yet.
  15. checkers

    Getting Sick AGAIN!

    I'm almost certain that I had the flu with pneumonia the first week of january, which knocked me off my feet for about a week. So I was kinda glad that i already got the flu "out of the way" while on semester break!:rotfl: How sad is that? Now only days into 2nd semester, my throat is killing me! My left tonsil is huge, and I have a low grade fever creeping up. School is breaking me down. I do believe that stress plays a huge part in susceptibility to sickness, but I don't feel like I'm all that stressed. why, why, why?? Just wondering if anyone else is suffering. And sorry for whining...ok I'm going to call my mom now.
  16. checkers

    Where is everyone from?