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Hi Naaba. I know what your going through, trust and believe. Been there done that. :thnkg:I felt like I was going crazy too just waiting for the acceptance letter. I am currently a first semester student enrolled @ Bon Secours w/RedRobin8 in the evening program. I have another friend that is also waiting to find out if she gets accepted or not. Good Luck and I will be sure to keep my fingers crossed for you. Make sure you keep us posted so we can send you many Congrats once you get your acceptance letter. Also something else...I was told when I was waiting that they send the denial letters out first so if that is true, keep that in mind. No News is good news!!



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Hey naaba? Did you hear anything from Bon Secours yet? A good friend of mines just found out she was accepted. They sent her an email letting her know. So check your email just in case you haven't heard anything yet.

I found out as well today, that I too was accepted!!! I'm very excited. They said it's conditional..is that normal??



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Yes that definitely is normal. They just say that because you have to have a background check, physical, etc. Just like when you are offered employment and it is contingent upon a reference check or drug test, etc.



Thank you so much!! Tell your friend I said congrats too!! Is she/he doing days or evenings? I am so excited to start. Thanks again for the support:balloons:



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I will tell her. I dont know if she has decided on whether she wants day or night. I heard that the day shift fills up pretty quickly so if she hasn't decided yet or isn't on the list, she may end up with nights. She can always start out on nights and switch to days next semester.

I reread my acceptance letter and it said "days". I don't remember them asking if I wanted days or evening. Maybe they are just doing days for this class. I really don't remember. Maybe I said I wanted days on my application. LOL....so much stress, I really just don't remember. Anyways, I have my orientation on the 1st of December and my physical on the 2nd.

Your friend did contact me, I forget her name. She contacted me on another thread from here. I'm really looking forward to starting in Jan. Thanks again for all your help and support!!! Keep in touch.

Mary :nuke:

Gosh, I am stressing after hearing all of your cumulative GPA's and TEAS scores!!!

Can anyone give me feedback on non-traditional students with lower GPAs being accepted? I graduated in 99 from VCU with a 3.19 in Sociology, but had some other classes taken from other institutions which will accumulate to about a 3.04 after all's done. I've almost finished 7 different pre-reqs from J. Sargent with a 4.0 in all of those. I'm also a veteran, which would account for something, I would hope.

Getting ready to apply and take the TEAS for the Fall, but it's a bit disheartening to hear the GPA avgs and am wondering if I should even move forward? Any feedback?


I'm applying to Bon Secours, FYI!


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I chuckled when I received the e-mail referencing a response to this 3 year old post, because I JUST FINISHED school last Wednesday! Woohoo - what a ride! I read through all 15 pages again for a bit of nostalgia, and recalled all of our excitement and anxiety at each anticipated step in the process.

Do not even think about other GPA's and TEAS scores, because every class is different, with a different pool of applicants. I'm not sure what you mean by non-traditional students, but the fact that you have a college degree puts you at the head of the pack. Best of luck to you and let us know what happens!! Robin

lcbbg did you get in??! I am applying right now for fall 2012 and I take the TEAS jan 11th. I am sooo nervous!

I graduated from college in 2009 but during that time I got an F in chemistry but now I'm getting a second bachelors in health science at south university and i retook chemistry and got an A. I am sooo nervous that if I do badly on the TEAS I won't get in and I am worried about my previous grades although I made them up and now have a 3.95 GPA. How did you do on the TEAS?

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