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Bon Secours School of Nursing

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Hey any word on books? When I go to the "bookstore" they don't offer nur 100 books?

I have a question for those of you who are already taking classes or who are about to start.

Did you take your prereqs at Reynolds before you started or are you doing those at the same time? I'm taking some classes at Reynolds now and want to do the nursing part at Bon Secours. I'm just curious how other people are doing this.

This may have been discussed before, but I just didn't feel like reading through 9 pages of this discussion to find it. ;)

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

I actually talked to Beverly Shephard about the books. She stated that the books for the Fall semester have not been posted yet and she is not sure if they will be changing the books for the Fall or reusing the same ones. I guess we just have to keep checking the website every now and then until they post them.

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Hello Firefighterswife. You can either continue to take your prereqs prior to attending Bon Secours or you can take them at the sametime. They recommend trying to get as many prereqs out of the way as possible prior to beginning the course to help lighten your load. That is what I did. I start Bon Secours in the Fall and I will only have 3 prereqs left to take. Might as well get them out the way while your waiting. That way when you start Bon Secours you can concentrate on your nursing classes only. :twocents::twocents:

I have to agree. You will be taking 16 credits ( full time is 12!) If you wait with all the prereqs. Best to get them out of the way and you might get done a semester early!

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Firefighters wife:

I am taking on all of the prereq and the nursing classes at the same time. It can be done, but needs to fit into your lifestyle. It's the equivalent of going to school full time. Much depends on your timeline of when you want to start working as a nurse. I'm 39 and don't want to stretch it out to 6 years.

Received the information on the loans that I can take out to pay for school. Got to love Debt!

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Nope I haven't heard anything else about the books. I guess we just keep checking the website until they post the ones for September.

FYI - you can sign up for J sarg classes now and have your account "flaged" so you can just pay BS. I still don't see books for Nur 100. Anyone have more info on that?

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

The last thing I heard on the books was from Beverly Shepherd -

"Books for fall have not moved through adoption phase. I can not tell you if these books will stay the same at this point.

For standard delivery it takes about 5 days." Thats the last info I received from her. Being as though the books aren't even online for us to purchase yet, I wouldn't even worry about it. Im sure they will post them soon. The longer it takes them to post them thats one less thing I have to worry about paying for right now.

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