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  1. FirefightersWife

    Evening/Weekend CNA courses

    Does anyone know of any CNA courses offered in the evening or weekend? I know I've heard of courses offered on Saturdays, etc. I've been looking for a course, and there are plenty out there. The issue I'm having is most evening classes start at 5. I'm currently working 8:30-5, so class starting at 5 won't work. And considering I want to take this class to get away from my current job, I don't think they would be too keen on the idea of me leaving a few minutes early for class. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated!
  2. FirefightersWife

    South Univeristy

    That's new since the last time I looked into them. I'll have to check that out. Thanks for the info!
  3. FirefightersWife

    South Univeristy

    I don't know much about the school itself, but I looked into them and the location in Richmond is only RN-BSN.
  4. FirefightersWife

    BSMC & JTCC Spring 2011 Applicants

    I looked into the Southside Regional program at one point. The biggest issue for me is I live between Richmond and Charlottesville, so it's just too far away.
  5. FirefightersWife

    BSMC & JTCC Spring 2011 Applicants

    Thanks! That's what I was afraid of! lol I just took one of the practice exams I bought with the study guide. I did OK on the reading and verbal. I think if I had taken more time on the math, I would have done better. I need to take another practice test and not use a calculator to see how I do. I completely bombed the science, except the anatomy questions. Saturday should be interesting...
  6. FirefightersWife

    BSMC & JTCC Spring 2011 Applicants

    nm483 - have you taken the TEAS for Bon Secours? I'm taking it next Saturday and I'm starting to get nervous! The biggest source of stress for me will be math and science. Neither have ever been my best subjects. How hard is it and can you use a calculator for the math? Thanks for your input! =)
  7. FirefightersWife

    BSMC & JTCC Spring 2011 Applicants

    When I went in to meet with them to register, the woman I met with was new. I felt like she didn't know what she was talking about. She kept asking other counselors questions. What should have taken probably 30 minutes took 2.5 hours. Then they told me I had to take high school level algebra or another placement test to test out of it because I didn't score well enough on the math portion of the placement test at J. Sarge. I've already taken college math, and I took algebra in high school, so I wasn't too thrilled with the idea of that. I just felt like they made things way more difficult then they should have been. It just left me with a really bad impression of their whole system. I've never dealt with anyone in the actual nursing department, so I can't comment on that.
  8. FirefightersWife

    BSMC & JTCC Spring 2011 Applicants

    I am applying to Bon Secours. Taking the TEAS for them on the 21st. I thought about applying to John Tyler, but after getting the run around with their admissions/counseling department, I decided against it. I am also applying to J. Sarge, where I have taken all of my pre-reqs so far. My GPA is also 3.4, so I'm in the same boat. This will be my first time taking the TEAS, hopefully I will do well enough on it to get in somewhere.
  9. FirefightersWife

    Bon Secour Fall 2010

    Thanks! Bon Secours does have an info session coming up on July 23rd at 9AM. But it is in Richmond, and I gather from your posts you are in the Hampton area. I think there is one in August too, but I don't remember the date. I have looked into ODU, but Norfolk is a little far for me considering I'm in Richmond. I'd love to live closer to the beach, but convincing my husband to move would be a little difficult! lol Good luck to you as well!
  10. FirefightersWife

    Bon Secour Fall 2010

    I think I remember seeing on their website that it could take less than 4 years, probably depending on if you have a prior degree, or have already been taking pre-reqs somewhere else. They have several information sessions scheduled, that would probably be the best way to find out direcly from them. But I know how you feel, I'm ready to get into school and be done!
  11. FirefightersWife

    Has Anyone Taken The Kaplan Entrance Exam

    My school also requires the KAPLAN. It is pretty much like any other standardized test. You read through some passages and answer questions about what you read. The math is a lot of fractions, decimals, etc. and a couple of dosage calculations. My school doesn't count the science section, so I kind of breezed through it. I think there were some anatomy questions. And don't bother buying the study guide they have for it. I didn't think it really helped me that much.
  12. FirefightersWife

    RN program at MCI in Richmond

    Those of you who are taking chemistry, are you taking it because you've never had it, or is it a requirement regardless? I took chem in high school, 13 years ago! So, I'm not sure if I would have to take it again if I end up at MCI.
  13. What classes have some of you all taken in between finishing your pre-reqs and actually starting nursing school? I didn't get accepted into my school for the fall, and while I'm waiting to find out about next spring and looking into other schools, I want to take some classes or something, but I'm not sure what to take. One thing I'm looking at doing is taking some of the Medical Coding courses my school offers. I'm hoping I get into nursing school before I can complete the program, but I think it may help in the long run. Most of the courses are obviously related, and if after nursing school I end up workin in a doctors office, I will have the coding experience as well. Any other thoughts??
  14. FirefightersWife

    JSRCC Fall 2010

    Has anyone else applied to the JSRCC RN program starting in the fall? Has anyone heard anything? Their website says notification by May 15, which is tomorrow. I'm just wondering if they've sent out the acceptance letters yet. I know the 15th is tomorrow, but I'm impatient! lol
  15. FirefightersWife

    JSRCC's LPN program

    Has anyone here gone through or currently in the LPN program at J. Sargeant Reynolds? I've applied to both the RN and LPN program for the fall, but I'm not sure that my GPA and Kaplan scores are good enough for the RN since it is so competitive. I was just looking for for some feedback from anyone who knows more about it.