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StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Oh okay, Thanks Vamedic. I am currently taking 3 classes this summer semester. Trying to get as much out the way as possible. Registration hasn't started for the fall at J Sarg yet.

When did everyone sign up for there orientation? Has anyone done the curriculum planning or received there financial aid letter? Just checking in.

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

I actually signed up to go to orientation on July 31st. My curriculum planning meeting is scheduled for this coming Friday. And no I haven't received my financial aid or award letter yet. I will keep you posted and will feel you in on my curriculum meeting on Sunday after CPR class if you like.

RedRobin8 specializes in Endoscopy.

My curriculum planning meeting is set for this Friday too.

I didn't qualify online for the assistance (FAFSA), you know, since I am a married, working mom with two pre-teen kids and a house, and saving for their college...Yah, I must have PLENTY of money laying around. :chuckle

Off my soapbox now.

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

RedRobin8, it is amazing how they claim we make too much money. You have to be almost homeless, seems like before you can get any type of assistance in this country. I'm on the soapbox with you know, LOL! But its true, those that help themselves, get kicked to the curb.

Did my curriculum planning today, and it went well. I was glad that I had looked at it ahead of time and worked out which classes I wanted to move around. It looks like I could get done a semester ahead of time. I also turned in the form we had to have notarized. Next is the Health Assesment (what fun!) I don't think anyone is getting any aid! We will all be in the land of student loans when we are done!!

I'm a student at MCI in VA beach. They have a campus in Newport News too. It's a 15 month RN program. Expensive, but worth it. They have 3 new classes starting every year and an awesome pass rate. They're owned by ECPI. Check it out... http://www.medical.edu

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Same here Vamedic. Meeting went well and I too was able to be done 1 semester ahead of time. My anticipated graduation is December 2010. Thank GOD I completed most of my prereqs, it really helps to lighten your loads. I take my health assessment on June 18th. I can't wait until orientation. I'm sure Ms. Gardner gave you the tour, I didn't realize it was that big in that building, I was impressed with the mini library and then the room set up like a hospital with the two dummy patients, when I saw that I immediately started getting excited. I cannot wait to begin!:hpygrp:

Hey Guys!

I had such a fun time teaching you CPR! I was looking at all my stuff and saw that I didn't do the fingerprintEX thing. I am looking at it and it says that we have to order a kit that has the fingerprinting card in it, but my packet from the school had a card in it. Can I just use the form the school sent or do I have to do another one?

RedRobin8 specializes in Endoscopy.

I think whatever the school sent is fine, since we have already had to get fingerprinted by the local police.

Thanks again!!!!!


StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

I took my Health Assessment yesterday and it wasn't too bad. Arm is a little sore today from the TDap Inj but thats about it. The only part that was a little strange was the test you have to do to measure for you N95 mask. Alot of bending and turning your head this way and reading a story over and over. :dzed: It was crazy. Im just glad its over.

RedRobin8 specializes in Endoscopy.

Cool - a mask fitting starts to sound like real 'nurse stuff'. :D

My assessment is next week.

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