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Bon Secours School of Nursing

You are reading page 10 of Bon Secours School of Nursing. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

this is the only thing i have found it says.....

[color=#7b82d7]tuition assistance program

we are dedicated to providing personal and professional development opportunities for our employees. the tuition assistance program provides reimbursement up to a maximum of $5,000 in tuition and registration fees, for a maximum of 18 credits per year, for undergraduate and graduate level courses. this benefit is available to employees who are full-time, in good standing, and have completed six months of continuous employment.

i found this info on the website http://www.bshsi.com/employment/hso-employment/benefits/work-life.htm

i would ask a member of the student goverment about this. they might be able to give you more info. good luck and don't feel bad we are all up to our eyeballs in debt for school !!!!

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Tell me about it. I don't know if you all have kids to get ready for going back to school but its rough trying to budget for my school supplies and school clothes so to speak (uniforms) and my kids school supplies and clothes. Leaving little room for anything else. :spbox:

Working for Bon Secours is definitely in my plan as well. Hopefully we all will be fortunate enough to get the opportunity. I will ask around and see if I can find anything else out in reference to tuition reimbursement. I'll keep you posted.

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

What I found out from a current student is that it is a set amount based on the number of hours you work and they give you extra in your paycheck, which is taxable income. Her opinion is that it is not really a great deal, but the other hospitals are about the same.

Don't forget to get your ID Badge. I almost did until I was getting stuff ready for school next week and came across the paper!

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Yeah I got it, Thanks! I am just about ready, still need to get me some shoes. Gonna try and go out this weekend.

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Hey! The syllabus is now on SON Blackboard for NUR100. They want us to print stuff off and bring with us the first day of class. Also you can go to RATEMYPROFESSOR.COM to get some insight on the instructors. Hope to see you next week!

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Got my shoes and ID, but I still need to pick up a stethoscope...

I'll go check out that syllabus now.

Thanks for the update. It is crazy to see all the information we will be covering each week.

Ok Checked out my teacher on that web site and she has a 1.9 Everyone says she is "the one" to avoid!! Now I am scared!!!

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

I know Westbury pharmacy is probably not in your area but I went there and purchased my stethoscope and they give a discount for nursing students. Its on Three Chopt Road by Regency Mall.

StaceyRNurse specializes in Progressive Care Unit.

Hey, How was your first day? For those that go during the daytime.

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