Best shoes for a CNA/Nurse


For all the walking, standing, etc...what shoes work best on your feet? Please tell specific brands as I will have to go shopping soon. All input is appreciated, thanks so much


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I got Nike Running shoes before I started my clinicals. They worked great!


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I got a pair of SAS on sale one time; they were a good fit. Always have felt they were the best shoes for work.


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My CNA instructor said that New Balance nurse shoes are the best for arch support. unfortunately, they're still about $60, they're completely worth it!

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I like Easy Spirits.


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I have wide feet so I love my crocs. They are so comfy and I just slip them right on. The downside to them is that they are not very good at being slip proof and sometimes they make me trip. Lol.:heartbeat


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I love the brand cobbie cuddlers. I have bought them for years for retail jobs, lots of standing, walking runing, etc. They are very nice on the feet, support and cusions where needed.

Mine are butt ugly nurse shoes now, but they were the most comfortable of the stlyes of them I tried on in white, lots of room for the toes on my little weird duck feet. They have lots of styles though for those with non duck feet. :)

They cost around $25-30. (all styles) within a tight budget that is a good thing, but, one bad point, they don't last really long.

I would say 3 months tops and you have to get a new pair.


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I use crocs. They are cheap, come in all colors, and are very comfortable for me. A lot of my co-workers use them too. It seems like the older aides like them also.


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I like non skid ones, I need to get some of those, I am tired of almost busting my butt in the shower.

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I like using Nike running shoes as well, and I like to shoe nike shoxs on women...they look good with the srubs, but if you need comfort try Nike Air Max


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I am 290 pounds. I work on my feet for six and a half hours without ever sitting down. No break at all. Trust me. You want the Nike Shocks.

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