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    Does death have a smell?

    Oscar is in a book, "Making Rounds With Oscar: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Cat." by David Dosa, released Feb 2010
  2. PBAJS

    Sorry another ques. Was this write up justified?

    Is this the chart? http://www.health.gov.au/internet/safety/publishing.nsf/Content/prog-patientsrisk-lp/$File/UsingObservationCharts-2009.pdf
  3. PBAJS

    Question about Activities of Daily Livings (ADLs)

    here are my two cents, well, maybe five cents. [color=#993300]" ... i don't want to leave too much empty space on my resume ... " a resume with your name, address, phone number, education, work experience, might be best. optional category: other abilities, experiences, interests, knowledge - playing piano, singing, drawing, painting, sign language, volunteer at ______, etc., might help. [color=#993300]" ... the reason that i thought i want to add the tasks that i did in clinical under my "clinical experience" is ... i thought maybe some employer might want to know what i did as hand on experience during clinical... " as all cna students, during clinical, should have "hands-on" experience, in my opinion, listing your clinical experience is a waste of the interviewer's time to read. i would not include a list. however, if you do include a list ... i noticed your list has patient and residents. i would use either one or the other or neither. responds to (patient) call lights (checking patient) taking and recording vital signs infection control measuring (residents) weight and height assists (the residents in) with wheelchairs assists (the residents) with ambulation perform rom (on patient) making occupied bed/ unoccupied bed transfer (the patient) w/ gait belt repositioning (the patient) (measuring patient weight & height - this was listed above) missing on your list ... the interviewer might think you had no training/experience assist with feeding bed bath, tub bath, shower foot care nail care oral hygiene hair care: shampoo, comb/brush shave apply elastic stockings measure intake and output post-mortem care specimen collection empty catheter bag, commode, urinal assist with ostomy appliance assist with commode, toilet, bedpans and urinals change urinary drainage bag assist with bowel/bladder retraining transfer from bed, wheel chair, chair, commode transfer using mechanical lift in summary, keep your resume short, no spelling errors. at the interview have a copy of your social security card, driver's license, cna certificate/license, cpr card, etc. (my interviewer was thankful i had a copy of each so that she did not have to get up and go to the copy machine). after the interview, if you want the job, send a thank you note thanking the interviewer for his/her time and stating that you are interested in a cna position with the facility. best of luck. we will be thinking of you. let us know how any interview goes and when you get a position. resume + interview hints! https://allnurses.com/nursing-career-advice/wondering-why-you-84387.html :sofahider
  4. PBAJS

    Best shoes for a CNA/Nurse

    Lots of information here --> https://allnurses.com/nursing-scrubs-gear/
  5. PBAJS

    Stupid Question Needs Quick Answer

    In my LTC facility, the top name outside the door is the resident/bed closest to the door.
  6. PBAJS

    Covenant CNA...legit?

    I found Covenant CNA School at - CNA Certification and Training www.cnatips.com > CNA Classes by State > Georgia > County- Fulton http://www.cnatips.com/classes/nurse-assistant-ga.php Georgia Health Partnership https://www.ghp.georgia.gov/wps/portal > Directories > Nurse Aide Training Program > Search for a Program (Atlanta, Georgia, Mile radius: 10) https://www.ghp.georgia.gov/wps/portal/!ut/p/kcxml/04_Sj9SPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfIjzeMN4j0D9aNyUtMTkyv1Q_P0w3ITKzJzM6tSU_Qj9KPMgPKWriCdIJaxqX4kqogjXMDXIz83VT9IP1jfWz9AvyAnq8rbx8QRAEAdPVY!/delta/base64xml/L0lJSk03dWlDU1lKSi9vQXd3QUFBWWdBQ0VJUWhDRUVJaEZLQSEvNEZHZ2RZbktKMEZSb1hmckNHODAvN18wX0lRLzk4Ng!!?PC_7_0_IQ_WPSACT3=http%24co%24fs%24fswww%24peGHP%24miga%24peorg%24fs%24opS%24opozgf0abhfodu1l55lljjqe45%24cp%24cp%24fsNAP%24fsprogramsearch%24peaspx&PC_7_0_IQ_WPSLINKTYPE=browser&PC_7_0_IQ_WPSREQMETHOD=post#7_0_IQ More than you asked for - Covenant CNA has been a registered corporation with the Georgia Secretary of State, Corporations Division since May 2005 http://corp.sos.state.ga.us/corp/soskb/Filings.asp?358193#
  7. PBAJS

    Unlicensed personell administering medication.

    MurseMan1 I would start by looking for the PA Board of Nursing ... or the PA Department of Health. Searching around the internet I found this state by state lising for Medication Aides www.medaidesillinois.org/pdf/otherstates/statebystate.pdf States have different names for the position (Certified Medication Aides, Certified Medication Technician, Certified Residential Medication Aides, Medication Nursing Assistants, Qualified Medication Aide) and different rules and regulations where they can and can not work.