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  1. azcna

    first LVN interview as weight loss/wellness office

    Congrats on landing an interview! I would suggest going over some practice interview questions ahead of time (seeing as you said they can make you nervous). A couple of good websites with recommendations are... Nurse Interview Questions and Answers 10 Worst Answers to Nursing Interview Questions - Nursing Link Dress professionally, ie: minimal makeup, bare nails, close-toed shoes, basically dress conservatively. First impressions really do mean a lot. Make sure to enunciate your words, and if you can't think of an answer to a question don't be afraid to pause for a few seconds. It is better than "and...um...uh...." :) Interview Tips | How To Nail An Interview (20 Tips) - 2010 Make sure to act very polite and professional, but also be like-able. I have found that the worst employees manage to keep their jobs because their managers "like" them personally :/ I usually carry all my documents in a manila folder. I will bring my resume, fingerprint card, license, bls card, and any other nursing related awards or training certificates. Also, make sure you tell the manager or HR person what they want to hear. You are applying for a job that involves you working with people, so let them know that you love being around people, are a team player, empathetic, etc. Good luck! You have plenty of time to practice and I'm sure you will do fine!
  2. azcna

    vent thread

    I feel for you I felt the same way about nursing school. It is so hard for me to get in, a CNA with LTC and hospital experience, while Joe Blow off the street takes up space in a program. But unfortunately that's how it is. Where do you live where you cannot find a job anywhere? I would recommend LTC and Assisted living first. Most of them are so desperate that they will hire people without experience. If that doesn't work out try home health, they pay less, but it's experience. I would suggest not giving up nursing because it is hard to find a job NOW. How many years before you are done with nursing school? There will be many nurses who have left the field by then, and many more people needing care. Sick people are not going away. Older nurses will tell you that there are highs and lows of nursing students. There are period where everyone wants to be a nurse, and periods where nobody does. Keep searching! You should also try applying for secretarial jobs in the healthcare field if you have any customer service/secretary experience.
  3. I've had four CNA jobs, and only one of them I got due to connections. If you are persistent, and apply to many places you will get something!
  4. azcna

    How many of you work in a hospital?

    Hospital- Better pay, easier & more technical work, RNs are mostly in charge of patient LTC- Worse pay, harder and less technical work, CNAs are mostly in charge of patient How much experience did you have prior to getting your hospital job? Over a year of LTC What factors besides your experience influenced them to hire you? I took a PCT class, and I was interested in pursuing nursing as a career. What advice would you give other CNA's who want to get hired by a hospital? Keep applying. If you cannot get in right away work for a year to get experience. I applied to the same hospital in my city for 4 years and could not get in. I ended up moving to a different city where there were more opportunities. I know this cannot be done by everyone, but it worked for me and I love to travel :)
  5. azcna

    ? about reporting CNAs to charge nurse or DON

    This is a very delicate subject. You don't want to be known for "ratting out" other CNAs, because more than likely the DON won't do anything about it anyways. If there is an aide that has been working at the facility for years, picks up shifts, etc. the DON will be very reluctant to investigate what actually happened. Sometimes you have to think about what is best for the resident. If you get the reputation of telling on aides, they will do so back to you, which will raise your likelihood of being fired. If you get fired, who is going to provide good care to the resident?
  6. azcna

    New CNAs have questions or need encouragement?

    "since 99% of all other things seem to be against policy, what's one more to add to the long list?" Haha! So true! I'm glad more people don't question the "policies" I usually say something like "Could you step out for a moment please while I take your mother to the restroom?" And if the family says "She can't walk, how are you going to take her to the bathroom?", they are pretty much inviting you to respond by telling them exactly what you plan on doing. I find that most family members are grateful for what you do, and won't question you when you want to initiate some sort of care.
  7. azcna

    New CNAs have questions or need encouragement?

    The only solution I can think of would be using a toothbrush with only a little water on it to scrub the teeth, or to use those mouth swabs if you have them. I don't like putting liquids in peoples mouths who are confused. I would be too afraid that they would aspirate.
  8. azcna

    Doctors cannot do a nurses job

    I have been hearing and reading a lot lately about how some Drs are angry that NPs, CRNAs, and other types of nurses "think they are Drs", or think they can do a certain duty of a Dr. I'm sure there are several different reasons for this, some valid and some not. My intention is not to open a can of worms here, and I am not a nurse so my opinion might not even count for all that much. But I do work with nurses, and in my humble opinion Drs cannot do what a nurse does! They cannot wipe butts with humility one moment, and then respond to a code the next. They cannot deal with being degraded by other staff, family members, and patients. I just think that nurses have to deal with a LOT of bs, and it's about time that somebody stands up for them and says "No, we cannot do your job, but you can't do OUR job, either!". Just my
  9. They generally want you to have within a couple of months. I would go ahead and apply. It might take a little while for anyone to call you back, so by that time you might have your number. You could also bring in proof of passing your exam if they need to see something.
  10. azcna

    Gateway LPN Fast Track

    That's awesome! Good luck on getting in :)
  11. azcna

    CNA's/PCT's how much do you make?

    LTC in SW Michigan 10-12 starting Hospitals in SW Michigan 12-15 starting
  12. azcna

    A&P HELP!!

    A&P I & II are the hardest classes I have ever taken besides Chem. They are extremely time consuming. I am taking A&P II currently and I spend about 10 hours a week minimum on it including class time. I've never taken sociology, but I know Psych can be a challenging class, also. It is all up to you obviously, but keep in mind that you want an A in A&P for nursing programs.
  13. azcna

    America's Most Popular Jobs

    Somebody should let all the HR personnel in America know that so they will stop hiring ADN RNs! Lol!
  14. azcna

    List any job related skills..(on applications)

    Agreed on the customer service. They want to know that you work well with others, because a lot of CNAs can be catty, which causes problems for admin. They want to know that you're friendly, reliable, and a hard worker also. There are a few things that you can't really list as being a "skill", but make sure in the interview that you tell them everything they want to hear. They basically want a worker who is good for their company; you're on time & don't call in often, you are easy to get along with, you're not afraid to do hard work & don't complain, and you plan on being with the company for awhile. Even if you plan on only being with a company for a year or so, don't tell them that. It's expensive to hire and train so they want to think that you're sticking around for as long as possible.
  15. azcna

    A means to live?

    Interceptinglight: Where do you live that CNAs get paid that low of a wage? Somewhere in the midwest, Ohio maybe? If you got a job in a hospital you could paid twice that, and if you worked 12s you would get 4 days off a week to care for your son. That's a rough situation :/ To the OP: Just so you are aware, I have always heard that CNA experience doesn't count at all towards getting an RN job. The only reason people becomes CNAs prior to being nurses is for their own personal benefit of becoming comfortable with pts, etc.