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azcna has 3 years experience and specializes in LTC, Rehab, CCU, Alzheimers, Med-Surg.

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  1. azcna

    Spectrum, Saint Mary's ratios

    Hi all! I'm a nurse from Arizona looking to work in Grand Rapids over the summer. I was wondering if anyone could clue me in on the local hospitals, mainly Spectrum and Saint Mary's. I have med-surg, neuro, and plastics experience. What's the ratio like? How is the teamwork? Are the docs ok to work with? How's the work flow? Any info is appreciated! Thanks for looking!
  2. azcna

    New Grad Salary

    LPN new grad in LTC in 2012 was 22/hr. RN with ASN new grad in a hospital in 2014 is 29/hr plus 6/hr night shift. Both in AZ/Phoenix
  3. I worked weekend doubles for a while as an LPN while going to RN school full time. I also had a PRN job (12's) on the side. It was hard, but the only way that I could afford to get through school with no debt. I agree with the other posters, once you get more used to the job you learn how to handle the emotional stresses, and how to work as efficiently as possible.
  4. azcna

    Any NPs in west Phoenix area?

    Hello!I am a nursing student (and currently working LPN) who is desperately looking for an NP to help me out! My insurance from my new job hasn't kicked in yet, and I need a form signed for my RN program stating that I am fit to practice nursing. A little ridiculous seeing as I am a nurse already, but that's the school beauracracy...If anyone is willing to help me out I would really appreciate it!Thank you!
  5. azcna

    LPN keeping temper cool

    If that were me I would be at least looking for another job. Life is too short to spend it around ignorant people :)
  6. azcna

    CNA to LPN School Worries

    Being a nurse will be much different than a CNA, but you still get to deal with cranky patients. It sounds like you just need more experience! Once you start getting the hang of things everything will go more smoothly, you will become more efficient, and you will experience more types of patients. I know it's frustrating right now, but it will get better!
  7. I will not send hate mail or make a voodoo doll :), but I would like to point out that your BSN providing information on BSN nurses being better seems a little bit suspect. Maybe the research is legit, maybe it's not, who knows. How can you objectively determine how "good" a nurse is anyways?
  8. To get into nursing school you have to pass an entrance exam of some kind, which will involve math. Also, you need to get to be comfortable with basic math because you will need it for dosage calculations. Peoples lives are in your hands, and that is something you need to seriously consider.
  9. azcna

    Nursing school...second times a charm?

    Believe it or not, LOTS of people fail out of nursing school. You can either pick a different career, or continue on with nursing! Once you're all done you won't even have to tell anyone that you failed once, and your patients will never know!
  10. azcna

    Which is easier - LPN or RN?

    Our RN program is much fewer class hours, but more clinicals, where the LPN program was a TON of class hours, and clinicals only once a week. I wouldn't say that the LPN program is easier, it's tough. The RN program, however, has critical care which is a nightmare.
  11. azcna

    To all "medical coverage is a privilege" folks:

    Why should I care that YOU have to pay more for your insurance? As long as there is no incentive for me to get insurance, why should I? Why bother paying 100$ or more a month if I know that when I do get sick I will not have to pay my bills due to other government regulations? Are you suggesting that you want to tell people that they have to buy insurance so that you don't have to pay as much for your insurance?
  12. azcna

    To all "medical coverage is a privilege" folks:

    Why get health insurance when you can get treated in the ER for free?
  13. Thanks for the replies, everyone! It sounds like most people don't have much trouble finding jobs as a new LPN. It seems like the new RNs have it worse off then we do.
  14. Thanks for the tip!
  15. Just wondering how frustrated I should be at this point? Is it normal to not get any bite at all after one or two months?
  16. azcna

    Different levels of nursing?

    I didn't "want" to deal with body fluids when I became a CNA, but I just didn't think about it and did it. If you aren't at a point in your life where you feel like you can handle dealing with things you don't want to, pick a field other than nursing. There are many more things that will come up that you don't "want" to do such as working short staffed, discharging four patients and getting four new patients in the same shift, responding to a code during lunch break, not peeing for 12 hours, etc. You need to be able to put the patient first.